KD / Magiihoa
Japanese KD / マギーホア
Romanization KD / magīhoa
Race Dragons
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 199cm / 88kg
Class Dragon King
World The Continent
Affiliation Dragons
Skill levels Dragon Lv3
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02, Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance VI


KD, standing for King Dragon, is a strange cat with a bright personality wearing a red tuxedo. He wanders around the world casually with little ambition or goals. He loves making riddles, which he frequently asks to adventurer and rewards them if they answer correctly, but he's not very good at it.

Despite his weird looks and personality, it turns out he's actually Dragon King Magiihoa, the proud ruler of The Continent over 4000 years ago when Dragons roamed all over the land before humanity even existed, being one of the few survivors of the slaughter of the Dragon race. It is unknown why he takes his current form, possibly either to save energy or just to hide himself.

Personal HistoryEdit

In ancient times, the Dragon race was the mightiest and most noble Protagonist Race to ever populate The Continent. They had a hierarchy based on strength, having the most powerful dragon as the King and absolute ruler of the race, and carrying the breeding rights with the sole female dragon Kamilla.

During the times of the dragon-kind and, since an unknown date, Magiihoa carried the title of King, an amazing feat that makes him the strongest Dragon of that time. He, along with many other dragons, waged war with the most powerful Demon King in history, Kkulf Kkulf. After several centuries, a weakened Kkulf Kkulf was finally taken down by a sneak attack performed by the dragon Avel, who accidentally swallowed some blood from him during his final strike, turning into the next Demon King as a result.

KD - Magiihoa

Magiihoa waging war to Demon King Avel.

Magiihoa had no ill-will towards Avel, so he chose to remain neutral towards him despite his new-gained title of leader of the Antagonist Race. However, Avel onesidedly hated Dragons and wanted to acted against them, but was aware that he stood little chance against such powerful race. He opted for a more cunning plan, to kidnap the only female dragon Kamilla and turn her into a Dark Lord, effectively removing the only source for breeding Dragons possessed. Even more, Avel violated the most sacred rule of the race, if someone wished to claim the female dragon, he would have to challenge the current King and defeat him in an honorable duel in presence of many other members of the Dragon race.

Avel's coward act made war break out in the year AV0011, with a furious Magiihoa launching all the forces of the dragon race towards Avel. The "Final War", as it was called, ended 45 years later in AV0056 with the crushing defeat of Avel after Magiihoa confronted him and defeated the Demon King in the 1 on 1 duel they hadn't had. Avel was sealed in a Dark Prison and was never seen again.

With the Demon King completely defeated, Magiihoa managed to end war and conflicts of the world, founding a nation of peace and prosperity with the Dragon and other races called Tron. However, this peace led the Creator God Ludo-Rathowm to be enraged, due to the lack of chaos in the world. He sent an army of Angel Knights led by 1st Class God Ragnarok and 2nd Class God La Vaswald to slowly slaughter the dragon race over a period of almost 700 years.

Even though almost every last dragon was killed, Magiihoa managed to survive, and remains as the famous riddling cat KD in the current era.


  • He shares many funny similarities with British. Both were champions of their races that were reduced to gag characters after an encounter with the Gods.