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A magician changes the prince of Parancho into a weird creature while he is on an errand in a distant land. Since his new form isn't very strong he has to entrust his life to a group of adventurers to get back home safely.

Kaeru nyo Panyon
Kaeru nyo Panyon
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1997/08/29
Genre / Rating SRPG / 18+
Base price 3800
Voice none

Walkthrough/CGs Edit

The game has a branching level system where you pick a single level per tier and then go on to the next tier once you complete that level. In order to actually the game you need to pick a specific level in each tier. The order is

A-C-D-J-N-Q Edit

Once you complete Q you will gain access to another few levels that will rap up the plot of the game. Make sure to have gotten all your class/Gal Monster stuff taken care of after Q as you will not have access to a shop once you complete the next level for the rest of the game.

There are five ways to get cgs in this game, and this is how to get them all-

Beat Levels- Edit

Every level in the game gives a cg upon completion, except maps R,S and T. They tell you how to beat the game instead. So the quickest way to get all the cgs is to save at each tier and beat each level, save, then reload to before the level you just beat. Do this for every level at that tier then beat the level needed for the true end last.

Bad Ends- Edit

Every one of your female companions has a bad end. Save for two of these which are gotten by beating U and P, these are all gotten by losing the right character for the cg and then beating the right map. The game will then bad end you, offer you a chance to save and then load a game. If you don't save, you don't get to keep the cg, so make sure to do that.

Anyway, this a theory of mine. Each of the bad end cgs have distinct enough backgrounds that I came up with the theory that to get a bad end you need to lose a character on the right map type. Lets take for example Wendy, the long blue haired girl. Her bad end cg is her in some sunny grassy spot surrounded by some goons. I was able to get her bad end consistently by losing her in the map squares that show some tress and the sky. In fact, while randomly trying for cgs I never succeeded, but by using this theory I was able to get all the cgs in about 8 maps(the last character took some testing). I can't guarantee this will work, since I couldn't find anything verifying this, but anyway to get bad ends lose the characters in:

Arisa- H(Big White Building)

Carrot- N(Stairs icon)

Charme- K(cave)

Raira- G(Trees and River)

Wendy- L and O(Sky and some trees)

Watch Opening/Visit Alice- Edit

CG's in this game work by having you save after seeing them to get them into the gallery. So for the two cgs from the opening scene and the one from Alice's house, you need to see them and then save. If you skip the opening you don't unlock these until you sit there for the whole thing and then save your game from a new game.

Gal Monsters- Edit

Every Gal Monster has a cg when you give only them to Yamane, your level god. You either give them as you get them, then leave and come back for the cg, or save at town, enter a dungeon and give Yamane the new Gal monster, then Suspend. Reload your town save and you will have the Gal still in your inventory and have the cg.

RareStones- Edit

Rarestones are a fairly rare drop from monsters. Every 10 gives you a cg and some bonus stat points you can give to whoever you want. In a normal run you will only get around 15 of these, and you need 50 to get them all. This is what Completion mode is for. upon beating the game you can enter Completion mode, where you can set the level of the enemies and go through random maps. There are two unique bosses to completion mode but to see them you need to grind to do a lot of it. You start with access to floor 15, but the bosses show up on floor 100 and 334, with a single floor unlocking as you complete the previous highest floor. Beating the floor 334 boss(Gunagan) will get you a cg that does not enter the gallery.


In Kaeru nyo Panyo~n, characters initially have the non-combatant class. Your characters can become much more powerful by being given a class. To choose a class, you must go to your level god and select the class you want to give to any given heroine. However, you cannot give your characters classes for free, a toll is needed for each time you want to give someone a class. You need to give specific Gal Monsters to your Level God. If you give him an invalid combination of gal monsters, you get nothing and you still lose them. Furthermore, you aren't told the valid combinations of gal monsters from the start and you're limited by the number of gal monsters that appear in combat, as well as the number of capture ropes you have in stock. Luckily, you retain one use of the Amazon and Witch class change from one of your level god's retired clients.  You may choose your starting class starting at level 5 and all subsequent at the next multiple of 5.

Each character can only access one of the seven final classes. A character cannot switch class paths once she begins a path, so make sure you start each character on the correct path if you wish to reach her final class. 

You can choose to power up a character through the alchemist. You can only upgrade the primary stats of the class the character is in. Warriors can upgrade their attack, guardians their defense, and magicians their magic. Monks do not have any equipment, so they cannot upgrade their parameters through the alchemist. 

The paths and the combinations of gal monsters you need to give in order to get uses of class change are:

Warrior Edit

The warrior is an offensive class, they get the highest attack and nothing else.

Amazon: KyanKyan + Geckon
Ramil: KyanKyan + Geckon + Frog Girl
Leda: ZashikiWarashi + Hebi-san + Handy + Mighty Witch
Valkyrie (Raira): Geckon + Frog Girl + Bee Girl + Valkyrie
Athena (Arisa): KyanKyan + ZashikiWarashi + Geckon + Handy

Guardian Edit

The guardian is a defensive class. After an enemy attacks there is a 50% chance a guardian will counterattack if you are standing next to the attacker. Changing to a guardian class will reduce the characters movement speed by 1, but every class up will increase their movement by 1, in the end having more movement then they started with.

Guardia: Magisco + Goldfish Tamer
Lord: Magisco + Goldfish Tamer + Bee Girl
Diana: Magisco + Bee Girl + Mighty Witch + Valkyrie
Princess (Arietta): Goldfish Tamer + Frog Girl + ZashikiWarashi + Hebi-san
Walkure (Elaine): KyanKyan + Geckon + Bee Girl + Mighty Witch

Magician Edit

The magician is a magic class. It uses that magic stat for damage and can attack at range. They gain one more range per class up.

Witch: KyanKyan + Magisco
Rangda: Frog Girl + Bee Girl + ZashikiWarashi
Minerva: Goldfish Tamer + Frog Girl + Magician + Handy
Artemis (Wendy): Magisco + Goldfish Tamer + Hebi-san + Magician
Siren (Carrot): Goldfish Tamer + Hebi-san + Magician + Mighty Witch

Fighter Edit

The Fighter is a hand-to-hand class. Attacking an enemy will give a 50% chance to ignoring enemy defense. Have the highest move of the classes, as well as accuracy.

Kali: Goldfish Tamer + Geckon
Excel: KyanKyan + Magisco + Bee Girl
Saras: KyanKyan + Geckon + Magician + Valkyrie
Ishtar (Charme): Magisco + Handy + Mighty Witch + Valkyrie

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