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Kaiju King
Japanese 怪獣王
Romanization kaijū ō
Race Kaiju
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 300cm / 180kg
Status Alive
World Kaiju World
Affiliation Kaiju, Monsters

About Edit

The Kaiju King is the king of the Kaiju race and the father of the Kaiju Prince and Princess.

While he has yet to physically appear in any Alicesoft game, concept art reveals his appearance as being a massive green Kaiju with a large sword strapped to his back. Unlike other kaiju, two large horns protrude from the back of his head. He is also gigantic compared to the otherwise diminutive Kaiju, standing at whopping 300 cm.

He has the kind of personality that is expected of a great King, being firm but kind to his people and terrifying to his enemies. It is thanks to him that the Kaiju were able to make peace with the monsters and turn Kaiju World into a paradise, and he has continued to be an effective ruler since uniting them. He is very wise and thoughtful, and will always consult his wife and the Kaiju Priest before making any major decisions, but is also willing to make difficult choices on short notice when the situation calls for it. Like all members of his species, he ends his sentences with the word "gyah".

He cares deeply for the welfare of monsters and, following the Kaiju Priest's visions of the monsters of other worlds being mistreated, became outraged and ordered his children to take command over the Kaiju army and free the monsters of other dimensions from the oppression of enemy races. Despite his kindness to his own people and monsters, he is unwilling to see humans as anything beyond creatures who mistreat monsters, and carries a burning hatred of them as a result.

Despite carrying the future of the Kaiju race on his shoulders, he is still a loving husband and father who makes time for his family whenever he can and dislikes being separated from them for long periods of time. In return, his wife and children love and respect him immensely. Recently, however, a rift has formed between himself and his children, as they, after learning that humans are capable of being entirely good creatures, desire to make peace with them, something that the Kaiju King refuses to even think about. Nonetheless, he is deeply hurt by this newfound distance from his children and hopes that it will be reduced once they have finished their journey.

Abilities Edit

As the King of the already incredibly strong Kaiju race, the Kaiju King is the most powerful member of his species, and is likely one of the most powerful beings in existence. His power is incomparable to humans, but is roughly equal to that of low-ranking gods. There are few that could hope to fight him, and even fewer that would dare to try.

Like all Kaiju, his skin is highly resistant to conventional attacks, both physical and magical, and his great size grants him even further defensive capabilities. His physical power is equally as impressive, and is described as being roughly three times greater than his son's already very high strength.

In battle, he wields a massive sword that he carries on his back at all times. While the exact properties of this sword are unknown, as it is more powerful than the ALICE Swords, it is very likely one of the most powerful swords in existence, beaten only by a fully awakened Shiranui and the highest modes of the Holy Sword Escude.


The Kaiju King requires two troys to support his enormouss body.

Like the other members of the Kaiju royal family, he rides atop a member of the Troy species in battle. Due to his massive size, he requires two troys to support him at once, one for each leg. The troys that he rides upon are the two alpha males of the species, and are able to reach speeds of up to mach 2, the fastest of any troy. The Kaiju King's ability to expertly ride two troy at once at blistering speeds showcase his astounding skill as a rider.

Beyond his great physical prowess, the Kaiju King is a highly revered leader, both politically and militarily. Kaiju World has thrived under his reign and his people love and admire him more than anything else in the world. When leading the Kaiju army in battle, soldiers push their bodies beyond their physical limits in order to meet his expectations which, when under his expert command, makes the already powerful Kaiju army nearly unbeatable.

Gallery Edit


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