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Kaiju Prince
Japanese 怪獣王子
Romanization kaijū ōji
Kaiju Prince
Race Kaiju
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 100cm / 60kg
Status Alive
World Kaiju World
Affiliation Kaiju, Monsters
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 2, Rance 4.2, Kichikuou Rance, Mamatoto, Persiom, Rance 5D, Widenyo
The truth is, we aren't of this world, gyah. We came here from another dimension seeking a new land.

—The Kaiju Prince, Kichikuou Rance.

About Edit

The Kaiju Prince is the prince of the Kaiju race. He travels across dimensions with his younger sister and their army to explore new worlds and assist monsters in need, and often appears as a difficult hidden boss in several Alicesoft games.

He and his sister first appeared in Toushin Toshi II in the 30th floor of Ragnard's Dungeon. Both can be encountered randomly like any other ordinary enemy while wandering through the floor. While they possess extremely high health and defense stats, they are much more likely to simply run away during battle rather than actually attack, and as their health does not regenerate between battles, Seed Cashima is able to gradually wear down their health over several battles until they are defeated. After both Kaiju are defeated, Seed will obtain the ALICE Sword, the single most powerful sword in the game.

His second and most notable appearance was in Kichikuou Rance where, if Rance chooses to free the Holy Gal Monster Housesnurse from her prison in Shangri-La, he will offer his army to serve under Rance in order to repay his kindness to monsters.

The duo appear again in Mamatoto alongside their army if the player continuously visits the monster world between chapters and has encountered Gunagan at least once. After defeating the group, the player will be able to battle the Crazy King on subsequent trips to the monster world.

The Kaiju Prince and his sister's most recent appearance to date was in Persiom, where they and their army will randomly appear after the player has advanced over 300 floors in the dungeon. By defeating them, the player can obtain the ALICE Sword, one of the most powerful stat boosting items in the game.

Personality and Appearance Edit

The Kaiju Prince strongly resembles most other members of his species, being a short lizard-like being with a long tail and small white eyes. He is occasionally depicted with a pair of horn-like protrusions coming out from the back of his head, something no other member of his species seems to possess. As a member of the Kaiju royal family, his skin is a distinct green color to set him apart from other Kaiju. Like his sister, his appearance and clothing change in every game that he appears in. While he wore nothing in Toushin Toshi II, he wore what appeared to be a pilot's uniform in his appearance in Kichikuou Rance. During his appearances in Mamatoto, Persiom and Alice in Kaeru nyo Land, he wore outfits that resembled a cowboy, a samurai and a pirate, respectively.

In contrast to his simplistic and rather goofy appearance, he has the ideal personality traits of a noble warrior prince, and is elegant, kindhearted, and brave. His voice is also stated to sound very soothing, though like the rest of his people, he ends all of his sentences with the word "gyah". Compared to the Kaiju Princess, he is far more serious and focused, and often struggles to keep his energetic sister under control.

He cares deeply about the welfare of monsters, and while he does not dislike humans, he constantly finds himself in conflict with them due to perceiving their treatment of monsters as unjust. Despite this, he is more than willing to assist any humans who prove to be kind to monsters. He also possesses a deep hatred of the Dark Lords of the Continent, due to their enslavement of their universe's monster races.

Abilities Edit


As the prince of the incredibly powerful Kaiju race, the Kaiju Prince is an immensely talented individual. His power far surpasses most members of his race, to the point where he is likely the second most powerful Kaiju after his father, the Kaiju King. His abilities are so high that it is generally impossible to compare him to a human, as he stands so far above them.

Like all Kaiju, he possesses incredibly tough skin that gives him outstanding resistance against both physical and magical attacks, causing most human weaponry to be largely ineffective when used against him.

In battle, he rides atop a male member of the Troy species with great skill. While riding his stead, he is capable of reaching speeds of up to mach 1.9, making him incredibly fast.

In his earlier appearances, he wielded the ALICE Sword, one of a pair of swords bearing the face of Alicesoft's mascot. The ALICE Sword is comparable to the likes of Chaos and Nikkou in power, and is incredibly deadly as a result. In his later appearances, he instead uses an unnamed massive and ornate gun. This gun possesses a similar level of power to the ALICE Sword, and is likely the strongest handheld ranged weapon to appear in an Alicesoft game.

In addition to his high individual abilities, he is also an extremely talented leader who commands his forces with both precision and power. He is highly regarded by his men, who put their lives on the line for him in every battle without hesitation.

He also possesses exceptional teamwork skills with his sister, who always fights by his side. When the two work together, their power surpasses perhaps even the Hanny King, making them comparable to lower class Gods in sheer strength.


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Trivia Edit

  • He and his sister have not been seen since their appearance in Mamanyonyo, discounting their appearances in its remake Widenyo, the remake of Toushin Toshi II and a small cameo during the end credits of Rance 5D.
  • Strangely, he rides a female Troy in his appearance in Toushin Toshi II, though it's likely that the distinct gender differences in the species hadn't been thought of at the time.

Gallery Edit


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