Unit DescriptionEdit

A mysterious Kaiju from another dimension that calls himself a prince.

The Kaiju warriors he leads always fight seriously.

His ability to lead a unit is also beyond sufficient, and he displays power that's certainly not to be taken lightly.

Has no special skills.


  • Must conquer Shangri-La and choose to release Housesnurse from the dungeon. He will randomly join in a beginning of turn event, but this could take from a week to several months.


  • Due to requiring the pathways from Shangri-La to Helman and Zeth to be removed, recruiting him renders obtaining Usupira Shintou's Fortune ending, as well as recruiting Rolex Gadras, impossible, as the sole pathways otherwise available into Zeth and Helman require killing Saias Crown and Rolex, respectively.
  • Due to being intentionally over-powered characters, he and the Hanny King are mutually exclusive, as recruiting one disables the other.


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