Japanese カテーリン
Romanization katērin
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The United Human Organization of Soviet

The chairwoman and absolute leader of the Soviet United Human Organization.

This young girl's mission is to create equality for all mankind. After leading a revolution to wipe out the former kingdom, she proposed the idea of "sharism" (共有主義, kyōyū shugi, a reference to communism (共産主義, kyōsan shugi)), and has become the prime dictator of the Soviets.

“Prepare! Salute! No rest! Now the Soviet's committee meeting will be commenced!”

Voice Actor : Azuma Karin


Possibly inspired by Catherine the Great and Joseph Stalin.


Recruitment: After you succeed in taking over Soviet territories, announce 'Not guilty' during her trial.

Note: She will die one way or another if you enter Ultimate Idol route or attack Moscow before Deukutsch falls.

Command Points: 150

Skill: ともだち "Tomodachi/Friends" : Double her attack when placed with Mirja.

All stats -40%
All attack -40%
All attack -60%
All attack -60%

Stat growth: 8% Note: Her first ship cannot be removed.

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