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I just wanted to be strong... I was a tiny, cowardly, weak little squirrel, but... At the same time... I wanted to be like Lord Kkulf Kkulf.
That's it!! Stronger than anyone! Stronger than anything! The Strongest!!
Who am I? Supreme Dark Lord Kayblis? No! DEMON KING KAYBLIS!!
The strongest in the world...
The man who will surpass Lord Kkulf Kkulf!!

—Kayblis, reflecting on his lifelong ambition.

Japanese ケイブリス
Romanization Keiburisu
Race Lis (former), Dark Lord
Age / Birth 6020+ (Transformed KuKu0200)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 595cm / 1010kg
Status Alive
Class Elite Dark Lords
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 255
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2, Magic Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance 03, Sengoku Rance, Kaeru nyo Panyon


Kayblis is the eldest and cruelest Dark Lord of all, a remnant of an old forgotten age. Born near the dawn of the Planner Scenario he has loyally served every Demon King since Kkulf Kkulf, making him one of the eldest living organisms in The Continent. Prior to his transformation he was a member of the notoriously weak race The Round Ones, a small, circular and frail species designed as the first Protagonist Race. He belonged to a sub-class of this race named Lis, a type of Round One designed by the Gods in an effort to make their race more interesting in order to amuse the Creator God. In the year KuKu0200, Kayblis was found by the Demon King Kkulf Kkulf, the most powerful lifeform to ever live in the continent. The Demon King captured the weak Lis and made an experiment of his own where he forced Kayblis to drink his blood. The experiment resulted in the birth of the first Dark Lord in existence, and Kayblis pledged allegiance to Kkulf Kkulf as a result.

Though initially weak and vulnerable even after becoming a Dark Lord, he spent countless centuries and many Eras modifying and mutating his body to the point that he grew into a gigantic and monstrous figure capable of striking deep fear into all who witness him, as well as becoming an extraordinarily powerful entity that eventually granted him a position as one of the Four Elite Dark Lords, one of the highest positions of power in the Monster Realm. On the year GI0813 Kayblis invaded the then recently founded Magic Kingdom of Zeth, a nation created by Mages in order to avoid persecution, formed bordering the Monster Realm at the south of The Continent. He spent three whole months ravaging the land, leaving a scarce population and even scarcer supplies. The event became known as the "Kayblis Dark" and went down in history books as one of the most catastrophic events in the Gi Era.


On the year GI1016, the Demon King Gi kidnapped a girl from another dimension named Kurusu Miki and turned her into the next Demon King, perishing shortly after. However Miki refused to take the position and ran away while restraining the Demon King Persona through the use of Hirami Lemons, leaving the Monster Realm headless in the process. Despite her escape, she was given the Demon name Little Princess, and the era changed to LP regardless. Kayblis was outraged by this outcome, decides that enough is enough and feels like it's his turn to be Demon King, as he's lived through many centuries and three Protagonist Races. He gathered all the Dark Lords that agreed that Gi's decision of making Miki Kurusu into his heir was a poor one and created the Kayblis Faction, a group of Dark Lords that have the purpose of killing Miki and letting Kabylis become the Demon King instead, opposing the orders and wishes of Gi. However, Gi's daughter, Supreme Dark Lord Hornet, wished to turned her father's last will into a reality and turn Miki into the next Demon King. She also gathered a group of Dark Lords consisting of those that were loyal to Gi and formed her own Hornet Faction. With this split the Monster Realm was thrown for the first time in its history into a state of total war, with both factions fighting against each other.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Originally born as a small, round and even adorable little creature covered in fur, he had the appearance of an average 60cm tall Lis. It is unknown if he suffered any changes from his transformation into a Dark Lord, but it is known that he didn't change in any notable way from his previous form. Because of his non-threatening looks, he underwent extensive amounts of bullying from other Dark Lords, as he was small, vulnerable and weak. However, as Lis have the exceptional ability to mutate and evolve over time, after several centuries of modifications and twisted mutations he changed into a beast that got as far as it could get from his previously adorable looks. He grew exponentially in size, became more anthropomorphic and grew six limbs, eight penises, embedded armored plates into his flesh and several appendages erupted out from different parts of his body. He became a hideous monstrosity that few would dare to even speak against. He often appears to be accompanied by a beautiful woman, but that is in fact another appendage that appeared at the tip of his tail.

He is widely feared among humans as the cruelest and most brutal Dark Lord of all, a merciless and savage monster with no hint of sympathy or regret. He is incredibly violent and destructive, so much in fact that even other particularly vicious Dark Lords like Xavier have been genuinely unnerved when in his presence, and very few Dark Lords have the guts to contradict him. He's extremely selfish, self-centered and narcissistic to the point of believing himself to be the greatest in the world. His chaotic, selfish and egocentric behavior is remarkably similar to that of the adventurer Rance and both are, infact, quite similar in terms of conduct and general personality. However, Kayblis lacks any of the more positive traits of the brutish warrior and is even more savage than he is. He's also very sadistic, as he finds great amount of gratification in torturing and killing merely for fun. He's also fond of sexually abusing attractive females, usually breaking their limbs and crushing their bones while ravaging them, and his victims never survive the encounter unless it's a special entity like another Dark Lord. He shares these hobbies with Dark Lord Medusa, another exceedingly brutal and sadistic Dark Lord, and they're in fact good friends. Unlike most Dark Lords, Medusa actually like Kayblis and was his only friend. The two have certain similarities such as a love for torture and chaos. Notably she is the only member of the Kayblis Faction to join him willingly and actually supports him becoming the Demon King. She's also one of the few Dark Lords that doesn't show the slightest restraint when talking with him, openly teasing him or mocking him despite his position.


Kayblis has no eyes for mercy and considers anyone that opposes him to be trash that should be tortured and killed in the worst possible way. He also dislikes failure and brutally punishes his subordinates if they do. He's been trying to introduce a strength based caste system into the Dark Lord society, having the strongest Dark Lord (him) at the very top of the ladder and next in line to be Demon King. He is certainly ambitious, he desires to murder Miki and all those that support her, so he can crown himself as the Demon King and have absolute control over The Continent. He sees humans as weak creatures purposely designed to be the toys of Dark Lords and Monsters, and believes it is their right to oppress them and use them as playthings for their own amusement. His belief is that the strong earn the right to do whatever they please with the weak, once again displaying a mindset similar to Rance's. Most of these personality traits most likely originate from a huge inferiority complex he's restrained for millennia, leading to him to develop that way upon growing into the strongest Dark Lord.

Despite all of these traits and the fact that he possesses an immense amount of power, Kayblis is actually a massive coward at heart. If he ever finds himself in a situation that could potentially be dangerous for him, he leaves no sight of his previous arrogance and confidence, getting severely nervous and fearing for his life. Because of this, Kayblis becomes a completely different person in front of those that are more powerful than he is, like the Demon Kings. On their presence, Kayblis's personality will change into a servile and submissive one, flattering the ones above and doing anything in his power in order to please them. He loses any sign of pride or dignity he could have had, and is perfectly willing to surrender and discard any of his previous beliefs in order to get away with his life. It's because of this that he has loyally serve every Demon King without the slight complain, even those that he secretly loathed like Gi. He's a bit of a buffoon at times, being quite scatterbrained and not thinking things through as he's a very straightforward individual. He also acts based on impulse and takes bold acts, turning him into an unpredictable person that is hard to keep under control.

Though Kayblis usually displays a confident and domineering side to most of his associates, he has long had a crush on the Dark Lord and fellow member of the Four Elite Dark Lords Camilla. He's hopelessly in love with her and when around her he gets extremely shy, breaking into a sweat, blushing and uncontrollably chittering; "C-C-Camilla...". Though he has long tried to seduce her over the years, Camilla has always ignored every one of his advances, as he finds him ugly and despicable. As he has kept insisting even as he grew in power, Camilla started to despise him even more over the long years. However, when the war started between the Hornet Faction and Kayblis Faction, she took his side, as she despises Hornet more than anyone else. More recently, Kayblis grew increasingly irritated with her every rejection and savagely attacked her, easily beating her to near death. This has only made Camilla's wrath grow, and though Kayblis now filled with guilt still hopes to keep her at his side and protect her from harm during her recovery, Camilla only looks forward to the day of her revenge.



Like his reputation and status would suggest, Kayblis is one of the strongest beings in the continent.

Kayblis is the strongest Dark Lord, yet to be matched by anyone. He generates an aura of maximum fear, if a normal human approached or even saw him they'd feel nausea, immobilization and in worse cases blindness or death. In the former setting he had an obscene Level Cap of 255, and had reached the insane Level of 240, the highest known of any living creature in The Continent. He relies entirely on brute strength to crush his opponents, and possesses an absurd amount of power, high enough to overcome almost any enemy, surpassed only by High Ranked members of the Gods Hierarchy or those that match them like the Demon King. He fights by wielding broadswords on his bigger hands and two smaller blades with the smaller hands on his chest. In the previous setting he had Sword Combat Lv2, suggesting that he's an incredibly genius swordsman capable of outstanding feats of swordplay, further boosting his combat ability. His fighting style is like his mindset, very straight-forward and simplistic without any strategy or complex maneuvers, merely overpowering his enemies with sheer force, but it proves effective regardless due to his ludicrous strength. Thanks to his massive size, he's proved to be extremely durable and possesses a large amount of stamina, which allow him to survive extremely dangerous attacks that would normally kill even other similarly powerful individuals.

Kayblis uses his incomparable strength to defeat Camilla with ease.

He's extremely powerful, way above any other Dark Lord with the sole exception of Hornet. In combat he can easily trash other Dark Lords to the point that he has been able to even one-hit defeat other members of the Elite 4 Dark Lords such as Silky and Camilla, showcasing just how much stronger he is even when compared to Dark Lords. Despite all this, Kayblis is still no match for a Demon King even without their Blood Control ability, to the point that he wouldn't even consider trying to betray them.

He also has the ability inherent on all the Lis that make him mutate over time and evolve, which allowed him to reach the level he currently possesses. Because Lis have some level of control over this evolutionary process, Kayblis can purposely modify his body to increase his power.

As a Dark Lord, Kayblis commands two Apostles named Kaybwan and Kaybnyan, and he has an absolute authority over them. They are a cat-girl and a dog-girl respectively and they are not quite so fearsome, often messing up any orders Kayblis gives them.


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Appearances in the SeriesEdit

Kichikuou RanceEdit


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At some point soon after the start of the events of Kichikuou Rance, Kayblis forms a party of Dark Lords in order to track down and capture Kurusu Miki, which consisted of Dark Lords Camilla, Lei and La Seizel. Kayblis makes first physical appearance in the introductory sequence that presents all the Dark Lords from his faction, where he decides that he's run out of patience and sends all his forces for an all-out large scale battle against the Hornet Faction, who's forces have severely weakened after the deaths of some of their members on Rance III and sending Satella and Meglass in order to protect Miki from Kayblis's pursuers. The result of this is a long and grueling battle between the two Factions on Cascade Bau, where Kayblis's Faction had an overwhelming numerical superiority, with a far larger Demon Army and almost four times as many Dark Lords Commanders.

(To be Completed)

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Rance VIEdit

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At some point on LP0003 Kayblis grew tired of Camilla's rejections and confronted her, where he received with a strong hostility of her part. The situation led him to lose into a blind rage and resulted in a short battle where Kayblis easily beat up Camilla to the point that she couldn't even move before coming back to his senses and stopping himself. After this Camilla requested a Demon Army and attempted to perform an invasion on the Kingdom of Zeth in order to get away from him, but she was rapidly forced to retreat.

The following year, during the events of Rance VI, Camilla would perform a second invasion that this time would succeed thanks to the chaotic state of the country and the influence of the Apostle Aurora, who had infiltrated on the nation and manipulated it from the inside to destroy their defenses. Kayblis didn't make a physical appearance in the game itself but communicated to Camilla through letters. After the defeat of Dark Lords La Seizel and Sieg, he sent a letter saying that he was running out of patience, which greatly angered Camilla. While not explicitly stated, it is implied that if Camilla failed on her invasion he would forcibly take her to his castle and prevent her from leaving in order to protect her and make her his wife. As Camilla was defeated and sealed at the end of the game this plan was never put into motion. Kayblis has gotten increasingly distressed over her disappearance but the war against the Hornet Faction has prevented him from acting for the time being.

Sengoku RanceEdit


Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Kayblis makes an indirect appearance through letters in the non-canonical Demon King Route, where Kurusu Miki succumbs and definitively becomes the Demon King Little Princess. Soon after her transformation, Kayblis sends a letter to her congratulating her for her awakening and offering his assistance in her current war against the JAPAN, while also begging her to spare him for his previous attempts of taking her life when she was Miki. The Demon King is amused by his quick change of heart but still claims that she will punish him when she returns.

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Rance XEdit

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He appears as one of the main antagonists of the games' first half. He will kill Alex Valse and free Camilla from her seal if Zeth isn't freed in time. He and Rance and the human forces battle, which end with him being defeated, being reduced to a Blood Soul and being sealed by the AL church.

During Rance X: Part 2, he witnesses Blood Memories transform into Kkulf Kkulf, he is left in awe at his former masters' power.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Kayblis and his tail are heard laughing in the Kichikuou Rance song "Ontology".
  • His combat lines in Kichikuou Rance are remarkably similar to those of Rance himself.
  • If he becomes the Demon King in Kichikuou Rance, remnants of Miki's corpse can be seen coming out of his body in his battle sprite.