Guuooohh!! You'd attack someone as great as me!?

—Kayblis, in battle.


Kayblis is the Final Boss of sorts of a regular route in Kichikuou Rance, since defeating him at the Demon King's Castle without conquering every other territory results in the standard Unification ending of the game.

In order to attack him, the player must take over every territory of the southern section of the Monster Realm and reach the Sulphur Forest. If you try to capture Grief Valley first in order to attack him from the east, he will send never-ending units of monster units to take it back, making it impossible for the player to secure that territory before starting the fight with him. Note that if Miki is captured by Pi-R's machine, Kayblis will turn into the Demon King, changing into an entirely different fight that is purposely unbeatable.


Kayblis himself is a solo unit but with pretty big stats, especially his health pool, which is the second highest in the game topped only by his Demon King Kayblis form. The fight itself is very straightforward, as it is a simple frontal battle against Kayblis guarded by three Monster Units with large troop sizes. Once these are defeated, it's only a matter of time until you slowly lower his health over the course of the weeks. Having Rance and Kentarou spamming Rance Attack, and coupling them with Satella and Miki is probably the most optimal group to attack him each week, though it depends on how lucky you are with Miki's nuke and how much you increased Satella's troops size.

An alternative and much faster method is through Silky's events, though these only take place if she was not captured. After defeating certain Dark Lords, Silky will appear in order to consume the Demonic Blood Soul and, upon consuming 5, an event will take place where she attacks Kayblis. While she loses the battle, Kayblis is severely wounded and reduced to only 2 HP, leaving him highly vulnerable to be defeated with a simple attack or two, however, he recovers 3 HP each week so the player must hurry up after this encounter in order to take full advantage of this. The downside is that only a period of 3 months is given since the time Silky consumes the first Blood Soul and upon taking the last one, meaning that the player should beat the Monster Realm Phase as fast as possible to ensure that he will be able to attack the weakened Kayblis, which can be quite difficult if the player wishes to enter the Creator Phase as it requires you to conquer every territory.


  • His battle lines are remarkably similar to those of Rance himself.

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