Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction in Kichikuou Rance.

The Kayblis Faction is a force of Dark Lords led by the oldest and most powerful of the Dark Lord, Kayblis, who desires to kill Kurusu Miki before she becomes Little Princess, so that he may be the next Demon King. They completely oppose the Hornet Faction, who wish to make Miki the Demon King instead.

The majority of the Dark Lords have sided with him against the Hornet Faction, led by the Supreme Dark Lord and Gi's daughter, Hornet. However, despite the majority of Dark Lord's joining the faction, many do not do so out of loyalty to Kayblis. Most of them, in fact, despise him and his ways. Some Dark Lords, such as Kesselring, only follow him because they do not believe they can coexist with humans, like Gi wished. Others follow Kayblis because hostages are being held against them, such as Lei or out of fear like Babolat. And some simply loathe Hornet more than they hate Kayblis, like Kamilla and RedEye. Infact, the only member of the Faction aside from himself that actually supports Kayblis is Medusa.

They also have several Demon Armies under their command, bigger in size and power than the ones from the Hornet Faction. Despite the fact that the Kayblis Faction is more powerful than the Hornet Faction, inner conflicts within itself makes them have a much harder time fighting the opposing side than they would otherwise have.

Members of the Kayblis FactionEdit




La SaizelEdit










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