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Japanese ケイブニャン
Romanization keibunyan
Race Insect(former), Apostle
Sex Female
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 40
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

About Edit

Kaybnyan is the Apostle of the most powerful Dark Lord Kayblis. However, she herself is not quite so fearsome. She's silly, playful, cheerful and very incompetent, often messing up even the most simple tasks, Kayblis is always annoyed by her failures.

She fears Kayblis, who she calls "Mr. Lis", and would rather run or hide rather than facing him. She's not very smart and often loses focus of her tasks. She's cheerful and talks in a cute manner, not at all like the apostle of a Dark Lord would.

She used to be insect resembling a real life cat, and has many behaviour traits typical of cats as well. She lives in the Red House in the Monster Realm, a very cartoonish and small house.

Despite her incompetence, she has a decently big platoon of monsters under her command that are very loyal to her. Most of these monsters are fans of her and love her dearly, following all her orders no matter how absurd.


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