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Japanese ケイブニャン
Romanization keibunyan
Race Insect(former), Apostle
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 138 cm / 18 kg
Status Alive
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 40
Skill levels N/A
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X

About Edit

Kaybnyan is a member of the duo of Apostles of the most powerful Dark Lord of the Monster Realm, Kayblis. She was originally a member of the Nyanyan race, a species of Insects that closely resemble real-life cats, and became a servant upon drinking Kayblis' blood. Despite being the personal Apostle of one of the most fearsome entities in The Continent she's incompetent and inept, and Kayblis mainly uses her for mundane tasks such as sending love letters to Camilla. She lives in the Red House, a small and cartoonish house located at the northeast of the Kayblis Castle.

In the non-canon Kichikuou Rance Kaybnyan makes appearance on a number of events where she travels all the way to Leazas to send a love letter written by Kayblis to Camilla. On occassion, Kaybnyan will lose the letter due to mistakes on her part but reports to her master that she delivered it anyway in order to avoid infurating him. When war breaks out between the unified humanity and the unified Monsters led by Kayblis, Kaybnyan stays in the Monster Realm and fights against an invading army, facing a crushing defeat at their hands. Despite her loss, she manages to escape and return to her Red House however, as she's too scared to report to her master about her failure, she instead decides to use a spell to transform into a stuffed doll and assume dormancy and giving a password to awaken her in 100 years to her Monster General. The General would then follow her instructions and hide in a nearby cave. Kayblis would soon hear news of her defeat and appear in the Red House to punish her but, unable to find her, gives up and leaves. Rance would attempt to find her as well and ventures into the cave he finds the Monster General privy of the password to awake her, obtaining it immediately. Upon re-visiting the Red House he uses the password to awake Kaybnyan and rape her on the spot. She will then flee from the Monster Realm entirely, scared of Kayblis.

Personality and AppearanceEdit


Halloween Artwork of Kaybwan and Kaybnyan on AliceSoft's Official Blog

As an Apostle originally formed from a Nyanyan, Kabynyan adopted a humanoid form with cat-like features, retaining her ears, small fangs, and paws, as well as a small body with a dainty build. In Kichikuou Rance, her attire consisted of a gray armor very similar to the one wore by her master coupled with a red cape. In the canonical timeline, she was changed to sport nothing but a white bikini with a few pieces of armor. In both designs however she sports a collar with a bell.

In terms of personality Kabynyan is the complete opposite of what one would expect from the Apostle of a Dark Lord like Kayblis. She's unintelligent, playful and cheerful, preferring to spend the majority of her time playing around with cat toys. Her manner of speaking is simplistic, and she appears to be incapable of thinking without expressing her thoughts aloud. She's easily distracted and fails at focusing her attention into whatever task she performing, often resulting in her failing as a result. Because of this she's extremely incompetent and messes up even the most simple orders, irritating her master and coming off as generally useless. Despite her consistent lack of successes, she still holds herself in a high regard, claiming to be the greatest general. Surprisingly, despite her incompetence she has a decently big platoon of Monsters under her command, all very loyal to her and with many of them even having crushes on her.

She calls her master "Mr. Lis" and greatly fears him to the point that she prefers to dissappear and leave everything behind that facing him with bad news, and she frequently lies to him about her reports in order to avoid angering him further.


Kaybnyan Kichikuou Battler
Upon becoming an Apostle Kabynan gained superior abilities as a direct consequence of drinking the blood of a Dark Lord. She possesses a never-aging body and enhanced physical abilities that increase her fighting ability far beyond the limits of her original species. However, as Nyanyan are weak creatures, her powers are not particularly impressive when compared to other Apostles, and is most likely among the weakest of her kind. She fights by employing simple tackles and punches, lacking any notable talent in martial arts or other forms of combat skill, relying exclusively on her enhanced physical fortitude to hopefully overpower her opponents. However, she was seen defeating a Bear in a brawl without much difficulty, suggesting that she's decently capable as a fighter.

In Kichikuou Rance, she possessed an unimpressive Level Cap of 40, with her current Level reaching 20, the lowest in the Monster Realm along with her fellow Apostle Kaybwan.


  • Much like her master and associate, her name is formed by the word "Kayb" followed by her former race.