Kenja Keiko
Japanese 賢者 ケイコ
Romanization kenja keiko
Race Apostle
Sex Female
Status Deceased
World The Continent
Affiliation Hornet, Hornet Faction
Appeared in Little Princess, Rance X


Keiko is the apostle of Supreme Dark Lord Hornet. Her former race is unknown. 

She made first appearance in the Little Princess game from 1987. She looked like a pink haired girl (similar to current Sill in appearance) wearing a blue office suit. Since this design was made before the Rance Series was designed, it is likely that her appearance will change in canon. She made her first canonical appearance in Rance X.

In canon, Keiko is described as a big admirer of Hornet. She can't accept a human from another world to become the Demon King instead of Hornet. She takes action directly, but secretly, because she doesn't want to get in Hornet's way.

She plans on killing Kurusu Miki when she gets the chance and hand over her body to Hornet so she can become the Demon King instead.