Kentarou-kun is Kentarou-kun, so the move is Kentarou-kun Slash.

Miki Kurusu, explaining the name of the move.

Well... I guess it can't be helped.

Kentarou Ogawa, after being forced to accept the name.

About Edit

The Kentarou-kun Slash is the signature technique of Kentarou Ogawa, which he created during the events of Sengoku Rance after Miki Kurusu told him he'd be cooler if he had a special move and forced him to train until he created one that she liked. During this time, Kentarou created 46 different techniques, but Miki only liked the Kentarou-kun Slash, which was the strongest and most spectacular of them all.

It is largely identical to the Rance Attack, right down to having an unimaginative name, which was chosen by Miki and that Kentarou reluctantly agreed to. Unlike the Rance Attack, which consists of Rance pounding the ground with his sword, the Kentarou-kun Slash is performed when Kentarou quickly slashes Nikkou to launch a white wave of energy at his enemies. While the technique is already incredibly powerful on its own, as Kentarou only learned it after becoming a Dark Lord, it is even stronger than it normally would be, and is highly effective for taking down large groups of opponents in an instant.

The move does not appear in Kichikuou Rance, where Kentarou instead learns how to perform the Rance Attack after being hit with it several times by Rance, who was trying to kill him in the guise of training.

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