Cease your investigation of Hikari mi Blanc.
You don't remember me, after doing those horrible things to me...I'm Kentou Kanami, and I serve Princess Lia.
I...I understand. For Princess Lia, I'll endure it.
What are you doing! Let me die! Ninja have to die if they fail their missions!
A mission...? If I don't do a good job, it'll be fatal.
Today There are some days where girls can't do whether you order me or not...
How rude. I'm sure there's a better comparison you could've used. Why a fly?
Shut up. Go away. Don't touch me.
Scouting the area. A ninja must always be aware of their surrounding. That way I can immediately deal with anything that happens.
Geez, you keep sneaking in here and doing weird stuff...but not anymore. I can tell when you're here. Now get out. Entering a lady's room without her permission is the worst!
I understand she loves Rance...I understand she wants me to serve the man she loves, too...but...I hate him. I hate him so so much...
You even ruin devils' lives...Do you have to make things worse for everyone?
It's not like I'm supposed to be Rance's whore...I'm supposed to be a ninja of Leazas...
A-A date...? ...Stupid, I can't do something that embarrassing. No! Nooo!
Such fate doesn't exist! Anyway! I just came because Lia-sama ordered me to. Don't get me in a reckless fight, okay?
Ohhh... Why does it have to be this man...? I obtained this sword in the Calculator Cube...Along with Rance, who is my fated man according to a revelation in my dreams... Rance is my fated man...? ...No... It can't be...
I-I thought I was going to die... I was so scared... You idiot!!!
I'm not needed... L-Last night... A ninja from an enemy country snuck in and put me to sleep... S-Suzume-san saved me and she even killed the enemy ninja... It's fine!! I'm not needed anymore, so I'm going home. I lost my confidence... Suzume-san's amazing... No, all the other ninjas are amazing... I'm only slowing them down... I'll only embarrass myself, even if I push myself and do my best... I came here as reinforcement from Leazas, but I only embarrassed Lia-sama... So it's embarrassing! That's why I'm going home! You must think I'm a bother too, right!?
Fine... I'll become the strongest. And that's when I'll assassinate you!! Got it!? I'm going to assassinate you for sure!!... Don't laugh!!!! Get down!!

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