Everyone's favourite useless ninja (though she's pretty good here).

Kanami's the fastest character in the game, being a ninja. She will usually act first in battle and has a ridiculous dodge rate, which means you can put her in the front as a pseudo-tank for physical attacks (magic attacks ignore evasion, so don't use her to tank those). Because of her unique skillset, you should think about whether you should put her in the front or back row depending on the situation.

How to raise her max level cap to 51: When she reaches her level cap of 49, with the help of Starlevel the Great as well, do her H event (either wait with her 2nd H event when sending her back to Leazas or later when you can H Kanami normally) because it will raise her level cap by +2 instead of Starlevel the Great by +1. No character's max level cap can be raised from 50.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • "Fire Bowl Jutsu" should be upgraded if you wish to utilize it.
  • If you upgrade "Shuriken" enough times, it'll have good damage AND have a chance to paralyze, making it very good.
  • Some SP Upgrades are okay. I wouldn't recommend anything else.





Kanami's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range.



Kanami's alternative basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

A ranged attack that deals physical damage for 50% attack. It also has a chance to inflict Paralysis on the enemy.

Firebowl Jutsu

Kanami's special move unique to her.

It requires 1 turn to charge and is a physical attack that deals 30% fire damage to all enemies on sight. It can be upgraded so that it takes no turns charging.

Accurate Slash

An offensive-supportive move.

It requires 1 turn to charge, but has a high chance of inflicting paralysis on an enemy while inflicting 30% damage.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

A supportive move. Kanami increases her evasion by 5% per use, up to 95%, till the end of the battle.

There is a bug if you use it when she has a 100% evasion, her evasion will revert to 95% till the end of the battle.


A powerful attack with a 33% chance to instantly kill an enemy. Doesn't work on bosses.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Late in the game, Kanami will have a dream about the calculator cube. To trigger it you will need: 20 FR, after that 2 Crab orb event, after that her H event at least 2 times. Enter the dungeon (Rance and Kanami only) and complete the puzzle to earn her S Weapon.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Quick, Strange Bug - Increases her evasion rate.
  • Victory Band - Buffs your attack at the start of battle, as if you had casted Rizna's buff ability.