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Such arrogance from filth who was beaten to the brink of death and barely escaped with his life dozens of years ago!

—Kias, showcasing his disdain towards Kakaro.

Kias Titalas
Japanese キアス・ティタラス
Romanization kiasu titarasu
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Mage
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Gaston
Appeared in Mamatoto


Kias Titalas is the King and supreme figure of one of the World's most powerful nations, the northwest country of Gaston.

Befitting the King of one the world's greatest countries, he represented a mighty force and was the ultimate goal that many wanted to take down. His country was notorious for its impenetrability, holding immensely valuable defensive systems that no-one could even dream to get pass.

He was a noble man that would do what he believed was the best for his country, but was also confident and merciless with his enemies. Despite standing between the Nations of Buron and Sigmason, neither of the two were capable of invading Gaston for as long as the war stood. He was feared as the most powerful magician in the world, probably only rivaled in magic power by Nalzgeis the Witch, and word of his might spread to make him a legend.

It is later revealed that King Kias is an old acquaintance of the King of Mamatoto, Kakaro Alphoria, and they were both born in Gaston and trained under a single man to become the Guardians of Pandora's Box, a cursed item sealing a Demon of Destruction inside. Kakaro was trained in martial arts as a physical fighter, whereas Kias was trained in the magical arts. As the Guardians of the most dangerous relic in the world, they both became the world's strongest physical and magical fighters respectively. While allies, they had a fierce rivalry due to their opposing personalities, but neither capable of defeating the other in a match.

One day Kakaro grew greedy and power-hungry, and sought to release the Demon inside of Pandora's Box in an effort to power himself up and become an immortal god. Being the Guardian of The Key, the only instrument capable of opening The Box, he intended to steal The Box but Kias and their master who trained them both faced Kakaro in combat and defeated him, leaving him mortally wounded as a result and barely escaped with his life. Kias then became the sole guardian of The Box, but Kakaro was the one that held The Key, and has been trying to take him down for good since.


Kias was defeated and reduced to a bloody mess.

Near the final chapters, when Mamatoto manages to reach Gaston in the final battle where Nanas commands all the troops from Mamatoto against all the remnants left from Gaston, Kakaro took the opportunity to sneak into the Throne room and have his final deathmatch against his dreaded rival. Kias stood firmly, claiming that he would kill Mamatoto's King this time, but he was surprisingly over-powered with relative ease by the opposing King and was left in a pitiful state. Kakaro broke both his legs and proceeded to atempt to open The Box right in front of him. It was at that time that Nanas arrived, much to his shock, he tried to stop his father from releasing the Demon. Without listening to his son's advice, he opened The Box and was possesed by the Demon, instantly leaving the location in the process.

It was then that Nanas encountered the dying Kias, who was experiencing his final breaths. Kias revealed him everything about Kakaro and the fact that he isn't his biological father. When he ran away after his failed first atempt of stealing The Box, Kakaro killed Nanas' mother and stole Nanas as a baby away from Kias. Nanas was at a complete shock over the revelation and could do nothing but stare to his dying true father without being able of comprehending what was being told to him, yet calling Kias "Dad" in his final moments. When Stourin arrived, he assisted Nanas in giving the fallen King a proper burial.