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Cheats Edit

First, download the rar file here : It contains spoilerAL, a memory editing program, the translated SSG file for Kichikuou Rance, and a cheat engine table for the game.

Updated Cheat Engine for - Kichikuou Rance English Ver. 5.49 Translation 1.0

SpoilerAL Edit

Start the game first, then start spoilerAL. Select System39.exe on the left hand column then double click Kichikuou Rance in the right hand column. Most of the options are self explanatory, however the combat options are buggy and do not seem to do anything, and trying to add Cafe results in a bugged unit. The SSG file does not allow you to add Kaiuu Prince.

You can assign the same item to multiple commanders at the same time (e.g. happiness ring to all your commanders).

Unit attack type is 0 (melee), 1 (ranged bow attack), 3 (hybrid like Gandhi), 10 (melee demon) and 11 (magic demon).

Warning : Accessing the Commanders -> Individual screen if any of your current commanders are grayed out will cause them to dissapear from your game. If this happens, simply tick the checkbox next to their name to add them back.

Cheat Engine Edit

Select System39.exe as the process and load the table. Most of the options are self explanatory, but not all work (Rance's attacking modifier for example). All the values should be in 2 byte format. See for a larger list of values.

You can change the current date by changing the turn count. Search for 2 byte, unknown initial value, then increased by 1 every turn until you find the correct number.

Events such as the Monster Realm's unification are usually a 2 byte number that decreases by 1 every turn. If you want to delay the Demon Army's invasion, you should find the value using unknown initial value and have it decrease by 1 every turn, and make sure to do this before the monster realm is unified. La Vaswald's unification is tracked seperately however, so you may see her beginning of turn event if the monster army has not started attacking. However, if that happens, you can just reload to avoid it.

Silky's time limit before she attacks Kayblis is based on the date 3 months after she eats the first demonic blood soul and can be avoided by changing the current turn date as above. However, she will instantly attack Kayblis the turn after eating the fifth and final demonic blood soul, you cannot delay it after that.