Japanese 桔梗 太夫
Romanization Kikyō tayū
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Class Tetra Sealer
World Beat Blades Universe
Affiliation Noroi Faction
Appeared in Beat Blades Haruka

About Edit

Kikyou-Dayu is the Red Guardian of the Tetra Sealers and as such an important part of the Noroi Faction. However unlike her colleagues, she cares little for humanity and is not motivated by lofty ambitions, but by her own greed and thirst for power. She is a cruel and cunning woman, treating those under her own power as nothing more than playthings, and is particularly vindictive to those who slight her, such as Haruka and Subaru. She also has a particularly great will to live, going through any lengths necessary to ensure her survival and when all else fails keeps herself alive through sheer willpower.

Appearance in Beat Blades Haruka Edit

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler details may follow.

At the beginning of the game, she is slain in battle by the Blade Haruka as she invades the faction headquarters. However this was not to be the end of Kikyou-Dayu, as enough of her energy remained by sheer tenacity for Ensai to return her to the world of the living, latching her onto Subaru's body until she had gathered enough strength. During her rampage in Subaru's body, she raped Haruka but was eventually disconnected from her host and forced to retreat back to her Tetra Castle, where she gathered more energy through intercourse with the captured Crescent Moon ninjas. When the Blades defeated her once more, she tried using them as hostages so she could safely retreat, but Subaru's intervention froze them in place and sealed Kikyou-Dayu's fate. But even as she was dying once more, she launched one last curse on Subaru which caused her recurring uncontrollable lust, that Ensai could exploit for his own plans.


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