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Kimchi Drive
Japanese キムチ・ドライブ
Romanization kimuchi doraibu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Civillian
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth, Ice Flame
Level limit 1
Skill levels Cooking Lv1
Appeared in Rance VI
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance


Kimchi Drive is the Head of an orphanage from the Revolutionary Group, Ice Flame in the Magic Kingdom of Zeth. Born without magic potential in the highly unequal magic nation, she is one of the few remaining original members of Ice Flame, dating back to when it split from Pentagon, being a personal friend and supporter of Urza.


Kimchi is a talented cook capable of creating unique meals of her own.

She's genuinely caring and motherly, taking care of children who lost their parents and were abused by evil mages. She thinks of the kids under her jurisdiction as precious and loves them all dearly. However, there were those even within Ice Flame that lusted after the children, and Kimchi protected the kids by offering herself to them. The reason she treats the children like this, is because she as abandoned by her parents herself and doesn't want anyone else to go through the same suffering. When she slept with Rance, she was unresponsive and emotionless.

She distanced herself from having a relationship with men because of her position, but in time Rance gradually healed her feelings and opened her heart up to him.

She can create a Kimchi Nabe, a dish with an ingredient that can only be made by those with the name “Kimchi.” Spicy and delicious, can increase the stats of those that eat it.


  • Her name, Kimchi, comes from a well-known Korean traditional side dish.
    • Also, she is likely based on the comfort women (military prostitute) system of Korean women by the Japanese military during the WWII era. There were heavy criticism on this character (especially and obviously from Koreans); even though in reality, majority of the comfort women were taken/abducted forcibly by the Japanese military to serve during the war, within this game Kimchi is portrayed as a willing 'comforter' for fighting men. *Alicesoft and its some of its history-based games are criticized for their far-right approach towards the history (romanticizing/glorifying the Japanese Empire during the WWII).



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