Kite Clone
Japanese カイトクローン
Romanization kaito kurōn
Kite Clone
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength Mid-High
Appeared in Rance IV, Toushin Toshi II, Kichikuou Rance, Kaeru nyo Panyon, Persiom, Galzoo Island}}

About Edit

Kite Clones are genetic clones of the legendary martial artist-turned Dark Lord Kite in his youth created by an unknown scientist that became so abundant on The Continent that they became officially recognized as Guy Monsters by the Gods. They resemble slimmer versions of the real Kite, and their age can be determined by their muscle mass, with younger members being rather scrawny and older members looking closer to the original Kite.

Their personalities are exaggerated versions of the real Kite's, lacking most of his more subtle and complex traits, and are almost singlemindedly focused on becoming more powerful as a result. They spend nearly their entire lives seeking out opponents to fight against to become stronger and are almost never seen outside of battle. Because of this, they can vary greatly in strength, with some of the oldest being highly dangerous opponents. However, even the weakest Kite Clones are strong enough to be fairly challenging, especially to inexperienced adventurers.

Similarly to the real Kite, they are naturally solitary and are very rarely seen in groups, but they will still occasionally breed with Gal Monsters for the sake of procreation, of which their preferred species are the Gecko due to their similar martial arts ability increasing the likeliness of more talented offspring, though they almost never stay with their partner. They are naturally submissive to the original Kite, however, and will eagerly fight alongside him should he allow them to.

As clones of a powerful martial artist, they rely on various combinations of punches and kicks to defeat their enemies, though their technique is generally much more simplistic than that of a human martial artist, relying purely on aggression. Over time, however, they learn to develop new and more complicated strategies, making them one of the most intelligent species of monsters.