Kkulf Kkulf

Demon King Kkulf Kkulf

Kkulf Kkulf

Kkulf Kkulf was the first Demon King in history. Kkulf Kkulf was a Round One, a member of the first protagonist race.

Even though its people were unremarkable and generally weak, it rose up and became leader of The Continent for the entire duration of time the Round Ones had as the protagonist race.

By the time the Dragons showed up, Kkulf Kkulf was well over 6000 years old, as it was the strongest of the Round Ones, Supreme God Planner decided it would be the ideal first candidate for the Demon King system.

The results couldn't have possibly been better. To date, there has not been a Demon King that exceeded the horrific might of Kkulf Kkulf. Kkulf Kkulf peaked close to the strength of a 1st Class God, and fought a long and devastating war against the Dragons , a race known for being the wisest and most powerful.

It ascended to the Demon King throne before the very concept of an Invincibility field had been thought up and it didn't even need such a gimmick.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit


One of Kkulf Kkulf's tentacles resembles a female human.

Of all the Demon Kings, he had the most potential for destruction, with power close to that of a 1st Class God. 

It was 4.7km in length, even Dragons were tiny in comparison. He had 8 eyes in total, 3 on either side of the main body and two at the end of an appendage that took the form of a woman. Its body was white, and it appeared to be almost like an octopus, its brain matter floated around underneath a semi-transparent orange layer that was almost indestructible. On top of that, Kkulf Kkulf boasted incredible regeneration abilities, if one of its tentacles were to be severed it would regrow very quickly.

It would use its tentacles to extract blood from creatures for miles around, puncturing and absorbing any living creature within its range.

While Kkulf Kkulf was the strongest Demon King , the Dragons were a very powerful race, and after 2014 years of non-stop warfare it was finally put to rest by the cowardly Dragon known as Avel that would later become the 2nd Demon King.

KuKu - Kkulf Kkulf EraEdit

KuKu is the year designation for the era when Kkulf KKulf was the Demon King. It spans approximately 6200~4200 years prior to the Rance game time.

This is the first designated era. This is the first and last era with The Rounds Ones as the Protagonist Race. This is the longest era in recorded history, spanning 2014 years.

???? - The Round One Kkulf Kkulf is born, he becomes leader of the continent through strength and charisma.

KuKu0001 - Supreme God Planner selects Kkulf Kkulf as the test subject for his Demon King system, Kkulf Kkulf is transformed.

KuKu0200 - Kkulf Kkulf injects his blood into the squirrel-like Round One Kayblis to observe the effects, he is transformed into a Dark Lord.

KuKu0??? - Kkulf Kkulf begins a war with the Dragons, a race that Roven-Pan had just created to replace the Round Ones.

KuKu2014 - After centuries of fighting, Avel the Dragon and his brother Magiihoa finally slay Kkulf Kkulf.

Known Dark Lords Created: Kayblis.

Preceded by: -

Succeeded by: Demon King Avel


  • Interestingly, the tip of one of its tentacles was similar in form to that of a human female, despite the fact that humans had not yet been created, the purpose of this was unknown.
  • Individually speaking, he's the most powerful being to ever live in The Continent.


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