Koga Hitomi
Japanese 古賀 ひとみ
Romanization koga hitomi
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan


22 years old. She is Yamamoto's private nurse. Her hidden potential is spotted by Yamamoto which later make her a substitute admiral due Yamamoto death. Her recent tone is(Chinchirorin).

Like: Aromatherapy.

Dislike: People being wounded.

Voice Actor : Miru


Possibly inspired of Mineichi Koga.


Command: 510

Recruitment: Let Yamamoto Mugen participate in combat several times. There will be one or more events of him getting hospitalized. Then in a beginning-of-turn event he will die out of exhaustion while hospitalized. Then Hitomi will replace Mugen. She comes with lower Mugen weapon bonuses

Skill: "Public Peace Improvement" Increases the public peace in a region by two each turn.

Skill: "Berserk" Upon being hit in a phase in-battle, for all subsequent phases of the battle all attacks are raised by +20%.

Same level as Yamamoto Mugen

Lasers + %
Missles + %
Cannon + %
No Ship Skill


  • Growth rate +4%
  • She will have negative weapon bonuses until Level 5