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Koo Rothscha
Japanese クー・ロスチャ
Romanization kū rosucha
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Republic of Gamerica

"21 years old. Representative of the Rothscha Corporation that dominates the financial sector. Corporation representatives are traditionally women, but he is actually a man. He has secretly been in love with Hannah for years. He's a trap."



Real World InspirationEdit

Possibly inspired by Victor Rothschild.



Can be recruited in CORE route only if you did his events with Hannah Rock.

Comes to you naturally in President Revolt route if you conquer USJ.

Command Points: 360

No Skill

Level 0

All Around -30%
All Around -30%
HP -10%
HP -10%


  • Growth +6%

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