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Father, let's surrender. I can't stand any more needless carnage. The King of the Continent is human. Surely he wouldn't be so cruel to a country that surrendered to him.

—Kou, trying to reason with her father.

Kouhime (Kichikuou Rance)
Japanese 香姫
Romanization Kōhime
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Princess
World The Continent
Affiliation JAPAN
Level limit 46
Skill levels N/A
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

Note: This article describes the Oda Kou from the non-canon Kichikuou Rance. For the canonical version of the character refer to Kouhime.


Oda Kou, typically called Kouhime, was the only daughter of Oda Nobunaga, the Emperor of JAPAN that unified the country after a fierce civil war. Unlike her cruel and vicious father, Kou is a compassionate and gentle soul, incapable of feeling malice towards other living beings. She's both terrified and saddened by her father's nature and wishes to somehow lessen his sins through her own actions.

Despite the countless women that Nobunaga raped, Kouhime was the only child he ever successfully produced, leading him greatly treasure her. When her mother was impregnated by Nobunaga he was already a Dark Lord, which lead to him often killing his partners accidentally during the violent copulation. Kouhime's mother somehow survived the experience, eventually giving birth to her, which Nobunaga sees as a miracle. Kouhime tries to influence her father's actions in a positive way but consistently fails due to his stubbornness and sociopathic nature.  

Ever since she was a child, Kouhime was tormented by strange dreams of a gigantic white whale who fills the world with chaos and finds greats pleasure in human suffering. These dreams disturb her immensely and she long ago decided that they are a punishment she is forced to endure as a way of repaying for her father's cruelty. 

During the events of Kichikuou Rance Kou initially appeared as the sole Princess and heir of JAPAN, Nobunaga having recently become Emperor after he slaughtered of all opposing houses. After war breaks out with Leazas, she's shown having several arguments with her father's methods of fighting the invading army and is increasingly distressed by the war. After her father's defeat she will stay in the burning Osaka Castle to try to save an elderly woman from the fire. Her fate varies depending on player's decision. Should the player decline to enter the burning building, she will be burned to death. If Rance takes the risk of entering the burning castle in search of her, he will succeed in saving her and she will join his harem as a result. When Rance has sex with her, he will pass out and share Kou's experience of dreaming of the gigantic white whale (before orgasming, much to his anger). After seeing these dreams several times Rance will be able to discover the whale's identity as Ludo-Rathowm, and is told by Maris that it is a deity from a long forgotten ancient religion. Through these dreams Rance is able to decipher the God's intentions, discovering Ludo-Rathowm only allows human life to exist in order to entertain him with war - once peace takes hold, the God sees no point in allowing humanity to continue existing. It is thanks to this information that Rance is able to act against the apocalypse that is starts near the end of the game in the Creator Phase.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Kou - Kichikuou

Kouhime in Kichikuou Rance.

An attractive woman, Kou grew up as the only daughter of the Warlord Oda Nobunaga. Her full figure, long green hair, and elegant disposition made her a highly desired wife. Kou does not hold herself above others and maintains a traditional JAPANese purity. Her clothing consists of a formal attire typical of the JAPANese nobility, often seen in a sleek white kimono adorned with cherry blossoms. Despite all her positive attributes, Kou has a very low opinion of herself. This is partly due to feeling somewhat responsible for her father's barbarous actions, but also because of her half-demon traits. One of her forearms turns jet black shortly below the elbow and takes on a coarse texture; Kou takes care to keep it hidden by wearing a white glove at all times. This mutation may also be related her dreams of Ludo-Rathowm.

Her personality directly contrasts with her father's, as she's a naturally kind person that always acts based on what she believes will be the best for others. Her compassionate nature leads her to disdain war and wish only for a peaceful future. She's scared of her father but she does not hate him for his actions and shows concern for him as well. Under her father's rule, she's mostly a submissive, timid, and bashful girl that tries to do what little she can while keeping a low profile.

As JAPAN's princess she maintains proper courtesy and keeps a humble disposition despite her title. She treats everyone equally, regardless of their social position or even their personalities, preserving her love for her father in spite of being a Dark Lord. In bed, Rance observes her to be incredibly sensitive, and she is quickly driven to tears by intercourse. Rance enjoys having sex with her but is constantly frustrated by not being able to ejaculate, as he's always interrupted before orgasm by the shared dream of Ludo-Rathowm.


Kou has a very high Level Cap of 46. Which could make her into a fairly good fighter. However, since she most likely hasn't gotten into many fights, her current Level is only 1. She also lacks any Skills, so she wouldn't be particularly outstanding in any field, even if she reached her high cap.

However, Kou's most notable ability is to be able to see visions of the god, Ludo-Rathowm. This could be increadably useful to some, though it torments her.


  • Her character's design was used in the current timeline for Dark Lord Xavier's daughter, Kurohime.