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Kuru! Kuru!

—A hardy kurupistonian greeting.



A pair of orange Kurupistonians.

kurupisuton seijin

The Kurupistonians were the predominant race of Kurupiston, a planet that was located in a distant star system within the same universe as The Continent. Once a thriving race, they were near totally exterminated following the destruction of their home planet at the hands of the oblivious Human warrior Rance, who inadvertently launched a nuclear assault on it while exploring the Toushin Upsilon.

The kurupistonians were a race of squat star-shaped beings that came in a wide variety of colors. All of the points on the ends of their bodies were capable of articulation, with the top two functioning similarly to arms, even being able to hold objects, and the bottom two functioning similarly to legs. They were exclusively male, and were capable of reproducing asexually by splitting. They also had extremely long lifespans, with the original members of the species remaining alive and functioning until the end of their society. At the time of their destruction, billions of kurupistonians were inhabiting Kurupiston.

While physically weak and unintimidating, the kurupistonians were a highly advanced race that were capable of complex communication between each other from the moment of their conception. Along with their high natural intelligence, kurupistonians were incredibly adaptable, and able to rapidly construct and develop a society shortly after gaining sentience. By the time of their planet's destruction, they possessed a society that closely resembled that of modern day Earth and had invented devices capable of interplanetary travel, along with other more mundane appliances such as televisions, refrigerators and washing machines. In addition, the kurupistonians also possessed their own language, which consisted exclusively of uttering the word "kuru" a various number of times in different inflections. Despite the apparent simplicity of the language, it can be apparently be easily translated into human speech, suggesting that it is far more complex than it appears to be.


A group of kurupistonians mingling with each other in their native language.

In contrast to their high intelligence, the kurupistonians were also an incredibly eccentric race that possessed many strange customs. They were highly impressionable and would quickly become swept in whatever trend had currently been introduced to their planet, and seemed to treat nearly all conflicts as some sort of game. As a result of this, they were prone to entering into wars with one another over trivial things, only to get bored and end them just as quickly. By the end of their races' existence, almost all kurupistonians had become obsessed with watching anime, and had little interest in doing anything else.

Despite being fully capable of asexual reproduction, the kurupistonians were interested in breeding with the female species of other planets, perhaps due to their fixation on the concept of "moe" in the later years of their society. As they lacked any visible sexual organs, it is unclear how they did this. In order to obtain these females, the kurupistonians would construct artificial crossbreeds of their own DNA and those of the native species of the planet they were interested in. The artificial being would then befriend and kidnap these women before contacting a kurupistonian spacecraft to abduct them. The sole remnant of the kurupistonian race, Starlevel the Great, is one such artificial being, and was designed to capture human women. Starlevel appears to have abandoned this goal following his planet's destruction, however, as he now currently works as a Level God.

The progenitor members of the kurupistonians were the Kurupis brothers, a trio of kurupistonians who would go on to discover and create countless things that would become staples of their race's society. Despite their great influence, by the later days of Kurupiston, the three brothers had lost much of the power they had over their race to new technologies, and were treated entirely as regular citizens. It is unknown what happened to these three following Kurupiston's destruction, though it is presumed that they were also killed alongside the rest of their race.

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  • The kurupistonians appear to be inspired by the character of "the Starman" that is featured in a number of songs composed by the artist David Bowie. In particular, the relationship between the kurupistonians and Mars the Great resembles the one between the Starman and Bowie's stage persona Ziggy Stardust.