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No... I'm just an ordinary girl...! I don't want to be the Demon King!

—Kurusu Miki, rejecting her fate.

Kurusu Miki
Japanese 来水美樹
Romanization Kurusu Miki
Race Demon King
Age / Birth 19 / GI1002 (Physically 14)
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 152cm / 42kg
Measurements 75 / 56 / 78
Status Alive
World The Continent
Affiliation Ogawa Kentarou, Miki's Party
Skill levels Demon King Lv1
Appeared in Lemonade Vol 1 (Miki-chan Kidnapped), Little Princess (game), Little Vampire, Rance I, Rance 01, Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance, Toshin Toshi 2, Alice's residence 4
Mentioned in Rance 02, Rance 03, Rance IV, Rance 5D, Rance VI


Miki is originally an ordinary girl, from "Dimension 3E2" (modern day Japan of the planet Earth - NOT "JAPAN" in Rance world). When she was 14, she was kidnapped to The Continent by the then Demon King Gi, to succeed Gi as the next Demon King. Gi had spent over 100 years searching across worlds for a qualified candidate before discovering Miki.

Miki's escape after Gi's death caused the entire Monster Realm to split into two factions:

Miki is aided by her osananajimi boyfriend Ogawa Kentarou (who is also from ”Dimension 3E2”). By consuming Hirami Lemons, Miki can supress the powers of the Demon King and retain her humanity (although she stopped aging physically). She travels with Kentarou around the world, hiding from the Dark Lords while searching for a way to go home.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Miki is a kind and optimistic girl. She adapts easily to the world of her kidnapper (there's no school, and she gets to adventure with Kentarou). She's usually friendly to strangers and trusts people with ease. 

They befriended Dark Lords Satella and La Hawzel from the Hornet Faction during LP0003, who were sent by Hornet to act as Miki's bodyguards.


Miki slapping her friend Kentarou for being a pervert.

She learned about sex from hostesses of inns she stayed at, and really wants to take her relationship with Kentarou to the next level. However, Kentarou seems completely oblivious to her attempts at seduction, which makes Miki depressed. She blames it on her undeveloped body (although she is technically 19 now, her body stopped growing at 14 when she drank the blood of the Demon King).

Kentarou is the most important in the world for her and she would do anything for him. She can't stand the thought of him dying and would be unable to continue if he was no more, to the point that in the few non-canon instances in which Kentarou has been killed, Miki fully became the Demon King Little Princess.

There's been a few handful time in which Miki has gone under control and awaken her true Demon King Personality Little Princess. When fully awakened her personality wildly changes. She becomes cruel and sadistic and enjoys causing destruction and toying with her victims. She's very proud and dislikes receiving help, claiming that she can handle any situation. 

Abilities Edit


Miki destroyed everything around her after Kentarou was almost killed.

While Miki has not fully "awakened" as the Demon King yet (thanks to the Hirami Lemons), the incomplete powers she has are already incredible. She has the Invincibility Field typical of Dark Lords, that only certain weapons, the Guardian Hero of the World , or the high level gods and Holy Beasts can get through. 

Even without the invincibility field, her body is incredibly strong. For example, in Kichikuou Rance, she had about 3000 times more HP than high level humans, and in Sengoku Rance the punches she threw when Rance made advances on her would cause explosions and blow craters into the floor.

When she's psychologically unstable she sometimes uses an attack called Kiechae Bomb, a super explosive attack that can wipe out everything in her surroundings (not the best thing to do when you have allies nearby).

She can't control this attack and can only perform this attack by accident when she's mentally unstable or during rage bursts. She has accidentally killed many people with this attack.


For more in depth gameplay information of each game refer to:

Personal History Edit

  • GI1001 - Miki was born in Japan.
  • GI1011 - Became Childhood friend with Kentarou.
  • GI1015 (= LP0000) - Summoned by Gi to The Continent. Became the Demon King and was given the name Little Princess. Escaped the Monster Realm with Kentarou.
  • LP0001 - Met Rance in the Leazas castle (though neither of them remembered each other)
  • LP0003 Kichikuou Rance (WHAT IF)
    • Became the new Demon King (Note: This is optional if Rance rapes her)
  • LP0003
    • Traveled to Zeth. Managed to return to Japan with Kentarou through the Otherworld Door, but had to come back to The Continent in a week because she ran out of Hirami Lemons. After that the Otherworld Door broke, and she was stranded on the continent again.
    • Sought protection from the AL Church, and hid in the AL headquarters for a while. Almost killed by the Hero Arios The-Oman, and only survived because Arios could not bring himself to slay a young girl in her sleep.
  • LP0005 - Traveled to JAPAN with Kentarou.
    • Joined a military group that was currently at war with Oda, and fled after they were defeated.  
    • Befriended Rance and Sill.
    • Unleashed her Demon King powers to kill Xavier's Apostle Seiryuu who had mortally injured Kentarou.
    • Turned Kentarou into a Dark Lord in order to save his life, but then felt guilty and ran away on her own.
    • Went on a rampage across JAPAN because she didn't have hirami lemons and momentarily turned into Little Princess. She tried to attack Rance but Sill threw herself in front of the attack causing her to be frozen in ice.
    • Kentarou approached the distraught Miki and convinced her to take a lemon again to suppress her power.  
    • Recovered and annihilated the Demonic Blood Soul of Dark Lord Xavier.


  • She originally appeared in the game Little Princess, making her the first character to appear in the series (if you count the Little Princess games as part of the series).


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