Hick*...*sob*...I don't like this...

—Miki, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Demon Lord known as Little Princess.

Her true power that's sometimes unleashed is tremendously terrifying, and her stamina is infinite. Her unit is made up of Leazas mages, and as her commanding ability is low, you shouldn't expect much out of them.

Uses the special attack Kiechae Bomb.

Kiechae BombEdit

An obscenely powerful attack that can completely destroy the entire enemy army of the opponent, while also dealing damage to the commander, and also works against Dark Lords and deals around 3 to 6 points of damage. However, it requires 3 charges and firing on the fourth round. Furthermore, there's a chance that charging will fail. On the other hand, Miki might sometimes randomly launch the skill through normal attacks but this is very unreliable as she could spend many fights without ever using it.



  • Her Unit gets a "+1" bonus on defensive battles if he's deployed with Kentarou Ogawa.
  • She's the only unit that will survive if deployed against the magical nuke designed by Papaya Server, the Flash.