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Senna KyoudouEdit

"I understand. I will become Rouga's girl~"

At the beginning of the game, she is a female swordsman entrusted by a certain someone to a temple shrine. She has no memories before meeting Rouga, and her lineage is a mystery. Her behaviour and manner is very elegant and refined. Normally she is a very street-smart, bright girl, but when in battle shows a cold warrior's face and outstanding battle skills. She does incredible things while smiling.

Battle quote - "Well than, shall we dance..."


  • She is a clone of the original shrine maiden's DNA (That ancestor in past)
  • Senna and other clones were created for in order to keep the seal on Hell Gate
  • Senna possesses more of the original shrine maiden's soul which the Academy feared and viewed it as a sort of threat so Academy prepares to kill her but Kamui stepped in and saved her which it was "good" Kamui delivered her to Rouga
  • Senna is much more powerful than all other clones
  • The original shrine maiden sacrificed herself to seal the Hell Gate in the past and the buttons are used for to seal it
  • Senna has a crush on Rouga.

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