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I will become a demon for now, for my happiness...I will protect this world and everybody I love.

—Senna, in the final turn of her route

Kyoudou Senna
Japanese 京堂扇奈
Romanization Kyōdō Senna
Senna Kyoudou Render
Race Human, Demon
Age / Birth 18
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Miko
World World of Daibanchou
Affiliation Kansai, NPI, Tatemikado Family, Priestess of the Seal, Demonfolk, Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age
Cameoed in Big Bang Beat

About Edit

Kyoudou Senna is a main heroine, and one of the three main characters in Daibanchou: Big Bang Age. She is the current heir of the high-class Tatemikado family of Shrine Maidens, and is the current candidate for Priestess of the Seal. She is a cheerful, eighteen year old young-adult student who is well-respected, and admired by her peers. Her serene beauty has caught the attention of many boys, some of which have dreamed to have obscene scenes with her. She is so well-versed in swordsmanship that she was even considered a challenging, worthy opponent. She has a likeliness to make sweets for others so that they can be happy.

Although she seems to be living a good and cherry life on the outside, her inside background is dark. As the next candidate for the Priestess of the Seal, she was made from the DNA alongside with many other of her family members (many different miko girls), who would possibly become the next candidate, depending on how strong their B-Abilities were. The NPI (National Practitioner Institute) in the Kansai region of Japan, was responsible for this, and have gathered a lot of the DNA from the strongest priestess, who's effort was the greatest when it came to sealing the Hell Hole, Yukina Tatemikado. Senna was at the the time, the most powerful of the clones, and was able to exceed levels beyond what the NPI expected. Due to Senna's remarkable ability, the leader of the NPI, Nidai Shizuka, has decided to let Senna live out her own life, until the time was right for her to become the next priestess of the seal...following in Yukina Tatemikado's footsteps.

When she is 18 years olds, she gets possessed by the Demonfolk, a demonic form that gives off evil energy while completely taking over the host's body, while turning them into a blood lusted, berserk-like state, which have been passed down from the bloodline of Tatemikado family residents, after she is attacked by Tenrou Kamui. After becoming worn out, and eventually losing the battle, Kamui carries her to Rouga, and entrusts her to him. She then wakes up again to attack Rouga in the blood lusted state, only to be calmed down once more, returning her to her normal human state. An hour later, Rouga takes her body to Wolf Fang, where she wakes up completely fine. Indebted to Rouga after saving her from the demonfolk state, she agrees to help him conquer Japan as apart of Wolf Fang, she eventually becomes a great peer, and someone that a lot of people in Seijou Academy look up to, due to her great fighting and B-Abilities.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Senna Defensive Stance

Senna is a beautiful, dark haired colored woman, with blue eyes. She has long hair, wears a headband, and has on many accessories, such as an armband, belt, boots, bracer, coat, collar, cravat, cross earrings, finger less gloves, mini red skirt, over the knee socks, turtleneck shirt, and wristbands. She also keeps a sword with her at all times, it is special to her because it was passed by those from the Tatemikado clan whom she holds dear after taking genuine care for her over the years.

While she may appear to be very elegant, Senna is actually not that intelligent when it comes to worldly things, and may often need help when it comes to certain terms or anything that she does not understand, she even at times may act ditzy, but many people, especially boys do not take this too seriously, because they are fond of Senna's beauty.

Senna is interested in things that she has never tried before, such as playing video games, eating a hamburger, and going on an actual date with a boy that had feelings for her. (she has gone on dates before, but with a boy who would eventually not become a primary love interest in life.) She wants to make people that are close to her happy, so she does this by making sweet food for them in return of them reacting happily.

Senna gets easily influenced by girls around her, if they appear attractive in ways that are pleasing to the senses, she will often go to great lengths, even resorting to reading magazines to improve herself, by mocking others she's seen before, so that eventually she can surpass them with ease, which she has done before, due to the huge number of male students pointing it out.

She also has an extreme fondness for different types of weapons, and collects multiple of them, it is not directly clear, but she may even have a fetish for playing with them as well, going to lengths such as naming all of her daggers and knifes, she tells Rouga that weapons should be considered and cared for like human lives as well.

Since Senna is natural at fighting, and has an extreme fondness for weapons, she often contemplates about the "smell of blood" being on her, it at times soothes her to feel like an alive and passionate warrior, while at other times not soothe her, knowing that her life can be in danger at any given moment.

Demonfolk Edit

When Senna is in a dangerous state or situation, her blood lust takes over and her eyes turn red, the smell of blood she indistinctly feels becomes more apparent, giving the impression that she has been taken over by the demonfolk. In this state, Senna enters into a berserk like form, which renders all of her thoughts of her original personality pointless, and replaces it with nothing but thoughts of relentless bloodshed, she is a lot more violent and powerful in this form, thanks to her B-Ability of making her overall strength spike exponentially.

Senna Demonfolk

Only strong words of persuasion can snap Senna out of this form completely.

Romance with Rouga Edit

Affectionate Senna Render

Rouga falls in love with Senna at first sight, so in order to prevent her from becoming another man's girlfriend, he declares to people in Wolf Fang that Senna has become "his girl." Senna, as ditzy as she is, is willing to accept the fact that Rouga has said this, despite it meaning becoming his girlfriend, and follows Rouga's advice, as she thinks that he is an admirable leader. Despite declaring this, boys still manage to flirt with Senna while Rouga is not around, the boys are willing to do anything for her, as long as they go out with her, so they agree to build Senna a secret hot springs, right outside of her room. Rouga is infatuated with Senna's beauty enough to the point at which he becomes overprotective of her, so when he finds out that other boys are flirting with her, he does not take it well, and deals with them appropriately. Rouga then explains to Senna in a way that she can understand, that he always has had issues socializing with others, and maintaining friendship, due to his major lack of sociability skills, that his brother, Gou, has always surpassed him in. Rouga doesn't want to risk losing Senna as a friend, as she has lost boys that liked her before, and promises to protect Senna in his conquest to take over Japan. Rouga wants Senna to stay by his side no matter what, while this all surprises Senna, she agrees to stay alongside Rouga and the rest of Wolf Fang as thanks for saving her from becoming totally possessed by the demonfolk.

After witnessing his strength after defeating Sensouji and taking over Tokoyou, Senna becomes more and more fond of Rouga, especially after Kamui attacks Wolf Fang at night, and Rouga promises to find out the connection between her and Kamui as soon as possible.

From the start of the National Chapter and on words, they begin to show their feelings for each other, when Rouga decides to come over to her place for a night, he starts to do this more often, and they make love.

After a huge amount of turns of doing this, Rouga and Senna become more and more close, and deepen their relationship by always traveling to many places with one another.

Senna School Festival

Senna and Rouga at the school festival.

Later in the game, it is revealed that Senna is putting a facade about herself in front of Rouga and the others in Wolf Fang, so that nobody can find out about her dark clone heritage, as she finds it so embarrassing and humiliating to share. Rouga starts realizing that he hardly knows about his newly founded love, and becomes aware of it. He then makes Senna a deal about after when they conquer the NPI, that Senna has to tell the entire truth about her backstory to Rouga, she reluctantly agrees, because she knows that she cannot keep it a secret for much longer. However, while fighting the NPI, news coverage of the NPI's misdeeds of using Yukina's DNA gets broadcasted onto public TV's, and Rouga finds out about Senna's clone heritage, when Senna discovers this, she goes into her demon like state again, and slaughters the NPI's most toughest opponents. She then later finds out the truth of the demonic possession of her body, when the President of the NPI, Nidai Shizuka, explains to her the depressing fate of the Tatemikado Priestesses. When things were looking bad for Wolf Fang as they're dealing with the NPI, Gou, who's had previous ties with Shizuka eleven years prior in his heroic days of attempting to seal the Hell Hole, tries his hardest to sympathetically win over Shizuka, Shizuka's regret becomes more apparent as she realizes that Gou was the same man who she was so fond of because he was a figure of heroism and admiration, since he was the special student with the most resolve to end the Tatemikado's despair, especially after falling in love with Yukina. She then cries in despair after realizing all of the terrible things she has done, and the lives she has ruined by treating all of the Tatemikado priestess like tools, and gives up on her tirade, after hearing Gou's voice, in which she hasn't heard in eleven years. Wolf Fang takes control of the NPI, thanks to Gou's former status as the SU president, winning Shizuka over. A day after this, Senna summons Rouga to the Nihon Bridge to express her distraught feelings, about him finding out about her clone like heritage. Rouga then tells Senna that her clone heritage doesn't matter, and that he would still lover her no matter what, instead..Rouga tells her that she should live for the betterment of the world, so that they could seal the Hell Hole terrorizing Japan.

Senna and Rouga Kiss

Introduction Edit

Senna Introduction

Rouga sees Senna in her possessed state.

After defeating Yamizaki Akito, and taking over Seijou Academy, Rouga stumbles upon an intimidating man named Kamui, who looks a lot like his childhood friend, Kunagi. Kamui is holding an unconscious Senna in his arms, he then tells Rouga that keeping Senna alongside Rouga is apart of his destiny in sealing the hell hole, as Senna comes from one of the three main family's in the game. She then wakes up in her blood lusted. demonfolk state to attack Rouga. Rouga has a tough time at first, but then manages to get Senna back into her senses after hearing some strong words, Rouga tells Senna that he will protect her no matter what, so that she could calm down. Senna falls unconscious again, only to find herself in Seijou Academy, she then realizes that Rouga has saved her from her blood lusted form, and is willing to do anything for him as thanks, by doing so, she becomes another member of the growing Wolf Fang team.

Abilities Edit

Senna has the most powerful healing ability in the game called "Super Recovery" meaning that when she gets damaged by an opponent, she can heal fully in the next turn, without having to rest her.

Senna Sprites 3
  • Super Recovery
  • Kiriotoshi: A straight sword slash with good range.
  • Kakatokeri: Senna hops forward and kicks with her heel
  • Shunpuu: Senna slides along the ground with a foot extended.
  • Sakura: Senna performs a wide aerial slash.
  • Shoubu: Senna performs a downward aerial slash.
  • Ibuki: Senna slashes twice.
  • Shijusen: Senna performs a dashing slash, passing through the opponent, then dashes back with another one.
  • Nagikaze: Senna whips her jacket out in front of her
  • Tsubaki: Senna slashes, creating a dust cloud along the ground. On contact with the opponent, a burst of slashes pops up.
  • Gekka: Senna jumps in the air and slashes a crescent moon around herself.
  • Oukahishousen: Senna performs a three hit combo made up of a Gekka and two powerful slashes.
  • Nagikaze Ran: Senna performs multiple Nagikaze in a row.
  • Setsu Gekka: Senna executes a Gekka. If it connects, she disappears and slashes the

enemy multiple times. When she lands and sheathes her sword, the enemy is cut by one final slash.

Trivia Edit

  • In Senna's route of the game, Kunagi has a death scene, there is an equivalent scene in Kunagi's route, where Senna instead has a death scene.
  • In Big Bang Beat Revolve, the voice actress for Senna was replaced with a new one, meaning that the original voice actress for her is only available to be heard in Big Bang Beat: 1st Impression.
  • If Iori Tatemikado is recruited into your party, Senna discovers that Iori is one of her relatives, and many character clearing events takes place, that includes a hidden/special H-scene.
Senna Kyoudou Sprite
Come here, Tiger Joe!
Come here, Tiger Joe

Gallery Edit

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