La Saizel
Japanese ラ・サイゼル
Romanization Ra Saizeru
Race Dark Lord
Sex Female
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 120
Skill levels Magic Lv2
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI


La Saizel is an Angelic Dark Lord with powerful ice powers from the Kayblis Faction, and the sister of Dark Lord La Hawzel. On the past prior to their transformation Hawzel and Saizel were a single entity, a Goddess of Destruction named La Vaswald. At some point during the Gele Era, La Vaswald was deemed too dangerous for the mortal world and was destroyed by Supreme Gods Planner and Roven-Pan. During her destruction, they split her into two Angels, resulting in the birth of the Saizel Sisters. Some time after, the two were turned into Dark Lords by Demon King Gele, pleading absolute loyalty to the Demon King and forfeiting their former status in the process. She would then spend the following centuries serving her master with devotion in the Monster Realm.

Though the two were at first quite close, La Saizel slowly grew frustrated over the years at her more level-headed and sensible sister, contrasting with La Saizel's more carefree and lazy attitude. Consequently after the death of Demon King Gi in GI1015 and the great divide between the Dark Lord community that followed over his successor, while Hawzel chose to remain loyal to Gi's last will and joined the Hornet Faction, La Saizel chose to side with the Kayblis faction out of spite towards her sibling.

As a somewhat powerful Dark Lord with flight, she is usually dispatched for missions involving the human nations, and was one of the main leaders of the Zeth invasion army along with Sieg and under the supervision of Camilla.

The exact year she was turned into a Dark Lord is unknown but, since she was made into one by Gele, she has to be at least 1021 years old by LP0006.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

La Seizel - Kichikuou

La Saizel's portrait in Kichikuou Rance.

She wears a blue costume with a short skirt, thigh high socks, cap and boots. Like her sister, she has horns and wings from her old times as an angel knight. Her height and Weight are 163cm and 32kg respectively.

She tends to be somewhat lazy and straightforward, throwing all the power at her disposal towards the enemy without much subtlety. She has a close connection to her collective and thoughtful sister, La Hawzel, but hates being compared with her and while she loves her, often makes decisions with the sole purpose of irritating her.

She has an apostle called Yuki, who used to be a Frozen gal monster with which she squabbles quite often, and the two are often trying to push work they don't want to do on the other.


La Seizel Attack

La Saizel's sprite attacking in Rance VI.

Her hand weapon is the goddess of frost Cool Goddess, whose magic power can freeze anything in front of her eyes. She has a special attack called Revised Snow Laser, that is a powerful laser that freezes all enemies in a line in front of her.

She has a Lv2 skill in Magic and a pretty high level of 87. Her cap used to be 120 in the old setting, which was a standard for Dark Lords but not particularly bad. Most of her attacks and skills are ice related and her wings allow her to fly to grant more versatility in a fight and make for a quick escape if necessary. She's a quite powerful combatant that only the strongest humans could dare to fight but she's not all that strong when compared to other Dark Lords.


Kichikuou Rance Edit

She is the the first one to attack Leazas Castle in Kichikuou Rance.

Rance 6Edit

During the events of Rance 6, she was a major general in the Zeth invasion and led the main contigent pursuing the refugees. However, when her army was defeated, Camilla rebuked her and she was relegated to basic surveillance of strategic locations. When her lair was invaded by Rance and his team, she tried to steal Chaos away from them and almost succeeded, but was instead stabbed and incapacitated by the sword. Eventually Rance caught up with her and due to her severe wounds, only ended up doing a 69 instead of taking her virginity, though he threatened to do it if he ever saw her again. She then fled back to the Monster Realm, leaving Yuki in charge of operations.


  • Her sprite in Kichikuou Rance was literally the same as her sister's but with a color change. It is unknown if it was done this way to parallel the two characters being sisters, or they simply ran short of time and resources.
  • She's still a virgin despite being over a millenium old, although that's not something that rare for Dark Lords.
  • Her design from Kichikuou Rance suffered some changes, specially on her clothes and her hair that was cut short.
  • She didn't have an apostle in the original Kichikuou Rance.


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