Japanese ランファ
Romanization Ranfa
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Chung

The commander of the south army of the Empire of Chung.

Become successful in her life by her own ability.

As the advisor and the fleet admiral dispatched from Gamerica. She has devoted herself to Gamerica's way of thinking, the capitalism.

Since she has the same position as Linhua, the strange trouble between these two usually occurred.

“Ok, got it...
I will try my best to make this country, the Empire of Chun become the most splendid capitalism country in the world.”


Recruitment: Conquer Nanking. Her recruitment event, 「反日教育のたまもの」, will appear after you have Hiraga Tsunami who's recruitable on Turn 5.

Command Points: 300

No Skill

Level 0

Laser +10%
No Ship Skill
No Ship Skill
No Ship Skill


  • Growth Rate + 2%

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