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Lara Manny
Japanese ララー・マニィ
Romanization rarā manyi
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Republic of Gamerica

Lara Manny is a recruitable character and admrial in Daiteikoku.



Original InspirationEdit



Recruitment: Conquer Manilla 2000 then meet with her for an H event (erotic content). Note that this event will disappear after a few turns.

Command Points: 270

Skill "Fluke" - Random chance to increase attack by 10%

Level 0

HP +30%
HP +30%
Laser -50%
Missile -50%


  • Growth +4%


  • Lara Manny is one of the only characters in the game which to recruit requires viewing an "H" event.
    • Her recruitment is not necessary to complete the game's primary endings.

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