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The Black Corps in Kichikuou Rance.

1st Army (Black Army)
第1軍 (黒の軍)
Dai-ichi-gun (kuro no gun)

The Leazas Black Corps, also known as the Leazas 1st Army, is the primary branch of the four main divisions of the Leazas Army. It is the largest of the four armies, being made up of 10,000 soldiers, making it compose the majority of Leazas' military force. Compared to the more specialized roles of its counterparts, the Black Corps serves as a general purpose unit designed to overwhelm the enemy through sheer force of numbers during large scale warfare. As a result, it is considered to be the backbone of Leazas' military, and plays a vital part in maintaining the nation's reputation as the most powerful country in all of The Continent.

The soldiers that make up the Black Corps are of average ability and don't particularly excel in any field, meaning that the vast majority of people enrolled in the Leazas military will serve in it. In addition, due to its large size, the Black Corps appoints three lieutenant generals as opposed to just one to oversee smaller sections of it. By dividing control among four people, organization and management of the massive army becomes substantially easier to handle. Because of the crucial role the army plays within the nation's defense and the large amount of skill and experience required to effectively lead it, the general of the Black Corps also serves as the Supreme Commander of all of the Leazas military, making them one of the most powerful figures in the entire country.

It is currently led by Barres Province, a veteran knight who has loyally served the royal family across three generations. A living legend, Barres is one of the few individuals in possession of both the raw leadership ability and sharp strategic mind required to operate an army as large as the Black Corps. While Barres normally leads only a small portion of the unit directly in battle, leaving the rest to his three lieutenants, he is perfectly capable of assuming direct control over the entirety of the Black Corps when the situation requires, and his leadership skills are said to become even more astounding when he is in command over all of the army. Barres cares about each and every one of his men with the same amount of love that a father has for his children, and works hard to ensure that he minimizes casualties whenever possible. His leadership combines passionate and authoritative commanding with a reassuring parental warmth, and brings out the full potential of his troops without fail.

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