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Melfeis Mage Corps

The Leazas Mage Corps in Kichikuou Rance.

Magic Army (Purple Army)
Mahōgun (murasaki no gun)

The Leazas Mage Corps, also known as the Leazas Purple Army, is an auxiliary faction of the Leazas Army composed of the nation's most dedicated mages. It is the smallest of all of Leazas' armies, with only 100 soldiers, and is generally only utilized as a support unit to the larger armies.

While the mages that make up its ranks are all skilled, their magic power pales in comparison to the mages of the magic nation of Zeth. Despite this, its contributions during combat are far from negligible and it remains a valued part of the Leazas Army, even to the point of having its own dedicated Magic Research program.

Though the unit is ostensibly led by Chaka Cadmium, an old mage of considerable ability, he was transformed into a sentient costume following an encounter with a powerful witch, rendering him incapable of moving on his own. Chaka continues to serve as commander of the Mage Corps, but is required to be worn by his very young great granddaughter Asuka Cadmium, the only member of his family with magic comparable to his own, at all times. As Chaka has no control over Asuka's movements, he has no choice but to passively follow along with her childish behavior, resulting in his abilities as a commander dropping significantly.

Because of Chaka's difficult position significantly affecting his leadership, the members of the Mage Corps look more towards the unit's Lieutenant Commander Melfeis Promenade as a leader. Melfeis is a calm, collected woman who has studied under the Leazas White Corps general Ex Banquet, allowing for her to develop strong strategic and leadership abilities. Melfeis' dedication to her position surpasses her value of her own safety, as she allowed herself to become cursed with an unstable mind and body in return for substantially increasing her magic power.

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