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The Red Army in Kichikuou Rance.

3rd Army (Red Army)
第3軍 (赤の軍)
Dai-san-gun (aka no gun)

The Leazas Red Corps, also known as the Leazas 3rd Army, is one of the four main branches of the Leazas Army. It specializes in offensive combat, leading the charge of Leazas' forces when at war with enemy nations. Throughout its long history, it has yet to have lost a single battle, resulting in it being rumored to possess the strongest penetrative power of any single unit on The Continent. Its members wear a distinct red armor, a color which enemy soldiers have come to instinctively fear as a promise of relentless bloodshed.

While it is relatively small in size when alongside the other main armies of Leazas, being made up of only 800 people, it is composed almost exclusively of the strongest soldiers the country has to offer, earning it a reputation as the most elite group of warriors in all of Leazas. As a result, it is often seen as the primary symbol of Leazas' superb military might, with even the legendary Helmanian general Lelyukov Berkov commending its excellence.

The general of the Red Corps customarily wields Byroad, a magical blade that is capable of stretching itself to extreme lengths. It is rarely ever used in combat, however, with ownership of it being largely symbolic of the person's rank as general of Leazas' strongest forces.

The group was led for the duration of the Rance Series by Rick Addison, a prodigiously gifted swordsman who was known and feared across the Continent as the single strongest person in all of Leazas. Though Rick was unanimously recognized as an excellent warrior, his position as general of the Red Corps was seen as highly unusual. While all previous generals had been experienced veterans from well known military families, Rick was the first common born person in Leazas history to achieve knighthood, and attained the position of general at the incredibly young age of 25. While there was a large amount of contention from several nobles following Rick's appointment to general, it mostly dissipated after his legendary display at the Conflict at the Parapara Fort, where he single-handedly destroyed countless Helmanian soldiers, earning him the nickname of "The Red Reaper of Leazas" as well as global infamy.

Despite his outstanding individual strength, Rick is not flawless as a military leader, which resulted in his soldiers becoming disorganized and quickly crumbling when put into defensive combat under his command. When leading an offensive assault, however, any and all reservations Rick has disappear and he is filled with an insatiable bloodlust that causes him to ruthlessly slaughter all that stands in his way, with the awe and pride of fighting alongside the legendary Red Reaper resulting in his soldiers pushing themselves to their absolute limits and making the group nearly unbeatable. The offensive capability of the unit under Rick was so high that his generation of the Red Corps is rumored to have been the strongest in the history of Leazas.

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In the year RA0010, Rick was forced to step down from his position as general of the Red Corps after receiving severe injuries during the War of the Brutal King. Leadership of the Red Corps was eventually passed on to Zance Leazas, the country's crown prince and Rick's protégé in swordsmanship. Despite not yet even being 20, Zance shares Rick's excellent skills as a swordsman, which, in conjunction with his naturally superb individual potential, allows him to be a worthy successor to the legacy of the Red Reaper. Zance is shown to still be wearing the armor of the Red Corps during the 20th year of the Blank Era, suggesting that he maintained his position as general for a very long time.

Known MembersEdit

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