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The Leazas Army in Kichikuou Rance.

4th Army (White Army)
Dai-yon-gun (shiro no gun)

The Leazas White Corps, also known as the Leazas 4th Army, is one of the four main divisions of the Leazas Army. It is the smallest of the four, being made up of only 500 soldiers. Compared to its counterparts, the White Corps serves a somewhat unique role, specializing in informational warfare such as reconnaissance, espionage and infiltration rather than direct combat.

Though the White Corps is rarely seen on the frontlines, its small size allows for it to perform special operations within enemy territory while remaining undetected, allowing for it to gain information on the opposing army that is vital to devising military strategies. While its soldiers are fully capable of conventional combat, their small numbers force them to rely mostly on quick thinking and underhanded tactics to gain an edge over their opponents during war.

It is currently led by Ex Banquet, a young and talented tactician who is known across The Continent as "The Literary General" due to his strategic excellence. Ex is well-known for his sharp mind and skill at predicting enemy movements, with his talents for strategy surpassing those of legendary military leaders such as Barres Province. Ex excels at commanding a small unit to victory against much larger forces through the use of guerilla tactics, allowing him to optimize the combat potential of the White Corps despite its lack of raw power. In turn, he is highly respected and admired by his soldiers, who place their loyalty to him above their loyalty to Leazas and even their own lives. While Ex is extraordinarily young for someone in his position, his appointment to the position of general was met with much less criticism than the similarly aged Rick Addison gaining the position of general of the Red Corps, likely meaning that he was already well-regarded by the nobility even prior to becoming general.

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Trivia Edit

  • The White Corps has made the fewest appearances of the four main divisions of the Leazas Army, only appearing in Rance 03, Rance X and Kichikuou Rance.
  • Despite the White Corps' numbers being listed as just 500 soldiers in the manual for Rance III, the personal unit of Ex Banquet alone is composed of 1000 soldiers in Kichikuou Rance, with the unit of lieutenant general Haurein Province having 1,400 more. Whether this means that the White Corps' numbers have since changed in canon or if it was simply done for gameplay purposes is unknown.