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Japanese レイ
Romanization Rei
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 1021+
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 197cm / 89.5kg
Status Alive
Class Spell-blader
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction
Level limit 197
Skill levels Magic Lv2, Sword Combat Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Born as a human, Lei was turned into a Dark Lord by Demon King Gele. Lei is an unfortunate man. There is electricity circulating from his body constantly, and no one can touch him. He normally wears an insulation glove when not in combat. His clothes are also made of insulation fabric to prevent the electricity from dispersing all the time, although he didn't care about it in the past. 

He is part of the Kayblis Faction but actually despises Kayblis so his decision surprised many Dark Lords that thought he would join Hornet, but Lei's hiding the real reason for him aiding Kayblis.

Personality and Appearance

Lei used to be short-tempered and would recklessly battle anyone he thought could be challenging. He was dubbed the "Lord of Rage" by the other Dark Lords, due to his habit of attacking many people at once in a frenzied rage, and the fact that he used to treat war like a game. 

In GI0981 he had an intense argument with Dark Lord Kayblis that resulted in a bloody fight between the two Dark Lords. Unfortunately Kayblis was able to dispose Lei with ease. Severely wounded, Lei falls unconscious near the town of Rich in Leazas. There, he's found by a girl named Mary Ann, who nurses him back to health but, while doing so his electrical body constantly damages her. After Lei met Mary Ann in this incident, he became more kind and protective of humanity, he also became less prone to fits of violence. She knits him an insulating outfit to stop his electrical discharge becoming too wild, since receiving it, Lei hasn't worn anything else.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne

Around 34 years they were together and they both fell in love with each other, despite the fact that Mary Ann is now an old woman, he loves her deeply and she still loves him back. Even though he could make her an apostle, he respects that she does not wish to live forever, and has vowed to stay with her until the end.

In LP0001, when war broke out between the two Factions of the Monster Realm, Kayblis threatened Lei on killing his love if he refused to join his faction. Lei was aware that he wasn't powerful enough to protect her if Kayblis were to attack her so he agreed to join his faction. 

Lei is deeply saddened by the state of affairs and only wishes to live a peaceful life with his Mary Ann.


Ray Kichikuou Battler

Lei's electrical powers make him a powerful foe.

His body is the host to an electrical current and no-one can touch him without getting hurt. He can use this electricity to fry his enemies and disable electrical systems and a regular human can easily die by touching his skin. 

On top of his electric powers, he has Magic Lv2 skill and adept with the sword. 

He's a powerful Dark Lord but before his encounter with Kayblis his power used to be far higher, rivalling with the strength of the Elite Four Dark Lords. Despite this, he still lost to Kayblis quickly.

His current level was 80 and had a level cap of 197, being among the highest between the Dark Lords.

Personal History

GL???? - Lei is transformed into a Dark Lord by Demon King Gele.

GI0981 - He gets into a fight with Kayblis and is savagely wounded. Kayblis leaves him for dead, and he's found by a young human girl. The girl is named Mary Anne, and she nurses him back to health. Even though his electrical body constantly damages her, she still saves his life, Lei falls in love with her, but due to the nature of his body they cannot even embrace each other. 

LP0001 - Mary Anne is taken hostage by Kayblis. Lei is given an ultimatum, serve Kayblis or watch his love die. Lei reluctantly joins the Kayblis Faction.


  • He's between 1020 and 2024 years old now.
  • Most of the times, he's the first Dark Lord to die in Kichikuou Rance.
  • He's one of the few Dark Lords known to have fallen in love with a human, the others being Ithere and Satella.
  • He and Kite are the only dark lords to make a human fall for them.