Everyone...Don't let your guard down!

—Leila, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A swordswoman and Leazas's second strongest person, after Rick.

The Royal Guard is made up entirely of strong, beautiful women gathered from all over Leazas. It's undoubtedly the most beautiful unit on the continent.

Has no special skills.


  • Available when Rance becomes the King and is granted leadership over the Leazas Army.
  • Required for:
    • Recruiting Julia Lindum.
    • Getting "Royal Guard Girls" to join the Harem.


"A strong, beautiful, ideal woman that is the captain of the Royal Guard.

She's also dependable, since she's older than me. I should make her "guard" me in bed too, not just on the battlefield." -Rance


  • The first time you call her in the harem, she will refuse to have sex with Rance, but you will obtain the option to call her guards in the harem. After you do so and talk to her Rance can have sex with her and get a CG.
  • Sortying her and Rick together enough times will cause them to get into a relationship which is Leila's happy ending. The events will only occur after Leila refuses to have sex with Rance.
  • After the above happens you can call her in the harem once and you will get a different CG than usual, and then wont be able to call her in the harem again, unless Rick dies. You will get a different CG after Rick dies as well.


  • Her Unit gets a "+1" bonus on offensive battles if she's deployed with Rick Addison.


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