Thoma. Laugh at me.

—Lelyukov, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A prestigious general who formerly represented the Helman Imperial Army. His strategis and schemes are nothing special, and at first glance he appears to be a plain general, but his leadership is outstanding, and he possesses strength that's always stable.

The knights he leads are loyal, strong elites, and you can expect their battle not to dissappoint in either offense or defense.

Has no special skills.


  • Conquer Log B without defeating Lelyukov. This can be done by defeating another unit which causes the whole army to retreat. The turn after conquering Log B, do NOT attack Archgrad. Anytime after that turn, defeat Lelyukov in battle and choose to imprison him. Lelukov has extremely high stats when defending, using Miki or magic units to wear him down is a good idea.Levy in Archgrad to add Amiran to the harem. You do not need to H her in the Harem. Visit Lelyukov in the dungeon and he will join you.
  • Required for:


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