You don’t get to admire him. I have a monopoly on Darling
Ah... I love you... I love you... Darling...! I would do... anything... you wanted... Ah... Darling...!! If you want the world... Then... Let’s... Conquer it...!
Ahn, outta the way, you poofy-haired slave!
What’s the problem? She’s just one person! And you have me anyway, right? Right?
So... So you care about that slave that much... Darling... Darling...
...No... No... Darling... I... I really... I really love you... A lot... You can love that slave... You can love Sill too, if you want... Just don’t do this... Please...
Hey, I did what you wanted, Darling. I'd do anything you tell me, so gimme me lots of compliments.
You and your giant forehead are no match for me, girl.
Hey, Darling, let's go somewhere else. Someone's forehead is shining light in my eyes.
Fiance? I seem to remember this fiance ditching somebody's wedding. Meaning he's a free man. Fawning on him's a-okay! That's what you deserved for trying to steal away my Darling.
...Hohoh, be happy. You don’t know the great plan I came up with. We’ll ally with them, then attack when their guard is down. They’re such a small country, we could take the whole thing with a surprise attack.
I'll go declare war. Then it's time for the all-out attack. The Red Army will charge directly into them while the White and Black Armies disrupt. The Blue Army will invade from behind. We'll split Zeth's refugees in two as a defensive measure and crush them to bits!
I was actually planning on taking this chance to attack and make Zeth a part of Leazas, but... Darling told me not to, so I didn't. Hey, I did what you wanted, Darling. I'd do anything you tell me, so gimme lots of compliments.
If you were the King of Leazas, you could make our country do whatever you want. Our army would be yours, too. If you marry me right now, you’ll get Leazas along with me. Don’t you want revenge on Helman? You could get it with Leazas’s power, right?
Hey Katsuie, does anyone ever come from JAPAN for studying abroad, instead of for marriage? What you call marriage is basically just keeping a hostage anyway, right? This is the same thing. Yeah, three people. Send three people from JAPAN to study in Leazas. I’ll take good care of them, no need to worry. Ah, but they have to be cute girls! They’re supposed to be hostages, so I’ll only accept important peoples’ daughters. And I wouldn’t want your daughter even if you have one. I can guess how she would look from your face.
You have to win, Rick. Then when you get Zeth, give it to me. Rick works for me, so what's his is mine. I can expand my territory without fighting.
Hmph... Only Gandhi could manage a mass exodus when his country's been attacked by monsters. But it's also very like him to not predict it would end up backfiring.
Oh, whatever. We already did the official greetings, I don't need to hear it more than once.
Prince of Helman. Don't think I've forgotten what you did to Leazas.