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Heehee... ah, you're such a pervert, Ryou...

—Library Ghost enjoying her fantasy.

Library Ghost
Japanese 書庫の幽霊
Romanization shoko no yūrei
Race Ghost
Sex Female
Status Deceased
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Level limit 1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

 About Edit

Library Ghost is a character that appeared exclusively in the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance. Her real name is unknown.

Library Ghost may be encountered by Rance after the player has built a Library on the castle grounds. For several visits, whenever Rance goes to the library he will see various people fleeing the building, exclaiming that they have seen a ghost. Rance investigates in the hopes that the ghost will prove to be a cute girl. Strangely enough, his instincts are correct.

Rance may encounter the ghost when she is looking through the bookshelves in search of some kind of publication. She remarks that the books are not what she is looking for before fading away. During these times she either ignores Rance or is unaware of his presence. Rance's attempts to interact with her are failures, as her incorporeal form drifts through his fingers. The player will have several options of literature to stock the library with, in hopes of providing the Library Ghost with what she is looking for, but the only way to progress her story is to request Maris stock the shelves with what the Library Ghost truly longs for: Bishounen Manga. She had always wanted to read Bishounen manga but her strict family had never allowed it. Apparently her desire was so great that it left her wanting spirit unable to pass on.

After Bishounen books have been placed in the library, visiting the building will conclude Library Ghost's story. Rance will encounter Library Ghost happily surrounding herself with the stories and proclaiming that her restless spirit is now ready to pass on. This does not sit well with Rance. Library Ghost finally acknowledges Rance's presence and he demands some kind of reward for filling his library with books he can't stand. Attempts at sex still prove unsuccessful, as the two cannot interact physically, so Library Ghost agrees to masturbate in front of Rance as a way of thanking him. Rance is upset to discover that she is not masturbating to thoughts of him - rather, to thoughts of the bishounen boys - but he makes due and enjoys the show. Library Ghost lies half-naked, aroused, surrounded by semi-erotic images of pretty man-boys, and pleasures herself into the next life. Truly her greatest dream.

Having Rance provide the Bishounen stories serves as Library Ghost's "happy ending." Her "unhappy ending" is acquired by building the Library but never furnishing the Bishounen stories, leaving her a sorrowful, tormented spirit, forever wandering this Earth yearning for images of androgynous boy love. Truly her darkest nightmare.