Japanese リンファ
Romanization Rinfa
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Chung

North Army Commander of the Chung Empire.

She graduated from military school as a president. A serious and diligent commander.

Influenced by the communism/shared principle of the Soviets, she is soon thinking about ruling over all of the Chung Empire.

“This is also the trial to widen our sight of the world as the shared principle. Let me show you that again we can overcome this.”


Recruitment: Defeat her in Beijing and choose her in the Event Phase

Command Points: 300

Skill "Red" - Attack against Soviets -90%

Level 0

Missile +10%
No Ship Skill
No Ship Skill
No Ship Skill


  • Growth Rate + ?%
  • Obviously, do not use her against Soviets
  • If station her with Tougou Tsuyoshi in same battle phase then next turn will show H scene in the Event Phase

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