Japanese リス
Romanization risu
Race The Round Ones
Sex Male
Class Monster
World The Continent
Strength Low
Appeared in Rance III, Dungeons & Dolls, Rance 03, Rance VI}}


The Lis is a sub-species of the eldest race of The Continent, the Round Ones. Created near the dusk of the era of the Round Ones, they were the final type created. While the regular members of the race had very simple body structures and were overall uncomplexed organisms, the Lis were designed as the last attempt of making a success of the race that was leaning towards being deemed as a failure by the Gods.

They are intelligent, and can develop a psyche comparable to that of a human being, but their lifespans are longer. Their bodies are circular and covered with a large amounts of fur, which is fluffy and silky. They are bigger in size than the other Round Ones, though still a lot smaller than the current humans. They are blue-eyed and instead of floating in the air, they have small limbs, another unique feature of them that differentiates them from the common members of their race, probably due to their more complex structure that consisted more of physical matter rather than the experimental composition of their cousins. Possibly as a desperate attempt from Roven-Pan to make them more interesting, the Lis have incredible bodies that are capable of undergoing unbelievable mutations over time, wildly changing their appearance. The longer they live, the more they change and develop. They seem to have some level of control over this transformation, which leads the Lis to change into different a wide variety of forms. The Dark Lord Kayblis and the Lis Wuu are two perfect examples of how different the mutation of a Lis can result.


Wuu engaging in battle.

In battle, the Lis far surpass the average strength of the Round Ones, being comparatively strong fighters that can give low-level adventurers a decent battle. Their fighting style is straightforward, relying on simple tackles or using their arms to scratch their opponents. They are stronger than an average human civilian, which is very impressive for the race known for its weakness, but they are low ranked among monsters and are not really seen as a threat for adventurers or trained warriors. They carry, however, a somewhat impressive potential for battle thanks to their evolutive ability, which could turn them into fearsome foes with enough time.

Despite their more interesting potential, they proved unsuccessful as the Round Ones as a whole were deemed as a failure by Ludo-Rathowm and were exterminated entirely to make space for a new Protagonist Race. Just like with other lifeforms from the beginning of the Planner Scenario, their data was recycled and turned into Monsters of the same name and they, while very rarely, still can be seen roaming around The Continent. These, however, are not "True" Lis and have lost most of their most important features, such as their high intelligence or mutating ability. The only True Round One Lis that remains at present is the young Wuu, whose origins are not known. As a perfect example of the Lis's transformation, after falling in love with a human girl, Wuu changed into one himself in order to be with the woman he loved. 


The incredibly amorphous and horrifying Lis Dark Lord Kayblis.

Probably the most notorious Lis was the Dark Lord Kayblis, who was born as one prior to his transformation into a Dark Lord. Soon after his transformation, he was largely disparaged by other Dark Lords for being small and weak but, over a period of several thousands of years, he changed into a gigantic horrifying beast and grew to became the strongest Dark Lord of all, becoming one of the most powerful living beings in The Continent's history as a result.


  • Their name has sometimes been translated as "Risu" in unofficial english translations.
  • The term Lis (リス) means "Squirrel" in japanese.


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