Louis Quitowack
Japanese ルイス・キートワック
Romanization ruisu kītowakku
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Mercenary
World The Continent
Affiliation Keith Guild, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 39
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1
Appeared in Rance 01, Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance

About Edit

Louis Quitowack is an adventurer of the Keith Guild. He looks like a thug and a thief, but he's actually just a regular adventurer, and a pretty good-natured one.

He was tasked with rescuing Pulptenks Flanders, who had been kidnapped by the thief gang close to Leazas Castle. However, he came across Rance along the way and the latter mistook him for a thief and knocked him out. He later participated in the colliseum and was defeated by Yulang Mirage. He will ask Rance for 10 GOLD, if Rance gives him the money, he will save Yulang from a group of thugs who want to rape her.

He also appears in Rance 03 as a member of Keith's Guild, but Rance doesn't remember him and beats him up again.

He made appearance as well in the original Kichikuou Rance as a mercenary that could be hired from Pluepet. He was more confident, vulgar and easy-going than he's in the canonical timeline.

Abilities Edit

With a Lv1 Sword combat skill and a cap of 39 Louis has great combat potential, despite this he is easily defeated by rance whose level was in the 10s range when they fought and he was swiftly beaten by yulang though the fact he got that far says a lot about his skills.

 In-Game Edit

For more in depth gameplay information of each game refer to:


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