Pigu-mini-spoils-2 Spoiler Alert: This page contains minor spoilers from the events of the games.
Don't worry too much about them but take it into account.

Luce Descoco the 387th
Japanese ルチェ・デスココ387世
Romanization ruche desukoko387yo
Race Human
Sex Male
Class King
World The Continent
Affiliation Shangri-La
Level limit 3
Skill levels Business Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Luco Descoco the 387th was the king of Shangri-La. He was a very large and fat man that seemed to suffer from a severe squint in both eyes. He despised being called fat or ugly more than anything else.

Before being the King, he was just a desert trader who happened to come across a magic lamp that contained a genie named Aladdin who promised to grant him wishes. Thus he wished to become the king of Shangri-La. Because of his distrustful nature, he eventually wished for the death of every person in Shangri-La and used the magic of Aladdin to create dolls imbued with spirits to serve him.

In Kichikuou Rance, he's killed off when Rance finds out the truth about Shangri-La and called him a "fatass" which angered Descoco. The King ordered Aladdin to fight Rance, but the genie lost and Rance proceeded to kill Descoco.


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