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Isn't a bomb that only kills monsters kind of unnatural? Is there any guarantee we'll be safe? ..................... Wh-Why aren't you saying anything...?

Rance, on the M Bomb.

About Edit


Sill Plain timidly activating the M Bomb.

The M Bomb and m Bomb were a pair of extremely powerful weapons created by Papaya Server, one of the Four Lords of Zeth and an infamous scientist known for performing strange and dangerous experiments with the help of the cursed book Nomicon. Both bombs were nearly identical in appearance, being large blue spherical objects, with the only difference between the two being the upper and lower case "M" and "m" letters marked on them. As their names imply, both bombs were extremely powerful explosive devices that, when detonated, created an explosion with a blast radius of several miles, similar to a nuclear bomb. Despite these similarities, however, the two bombs possessed a single critical difference: the explosion from the M bomb could only affect Monsters, while the explosion from the m bomb could only affect humans. According to Papaya, the creation of these two bombs was a miracle and she's not capable of making more of these.

The M bomb was employed to deadly effect by Rance and his group during the events of Rance VI, where it was used against the monster forces that were attacking the Zeth refugees attempting to evacuate the nation following the deactivation of the Maginot Line. Prior to the event, however, Anise Sawatari had erased the letters that denoted which bomb was which, forcing the group to randomly pick between the two. Miraculously, they correctly chose the M bomb, resulting in all of the attacking monsters with the exception of the Dark Lord La Seizel and her Apostle Yuki getting obliterated.

Following the collapse of Zeth, the m bomb was placed in the Zeth Royal Museum as an exhibit. During the events of Rance Quest, it was taken and sealed by Crook Mofus due to its potential destructive power categorizing it as a Balance Breaker. Following her appointment as Pope of the AL Church, however, Crook unsealed the bomb and returned it to the museum.

Trivia Edit

  • The M and m bombs share many qualities with the Flash, another highly destructive bomb created by Papaya Server in Kichikuou Rance. Unlike the M and m bombs, however, the Flash destroyed everything in its vicinity indiscriminately, making it much more dangerous.

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