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The Machpiyo is a very strange and unique bird. He's famous for being the fastest living being in The Continent. He looks like a tiny yellow bird with just one feather on his body. 

The machpiyo is so fast it can fly at, aproximately, three times the speed of sound. He looks like a flashing irrecognizable yellow dart passing by. His speed is so incredible that Dark Lord Meglass, the fastest Dark Lord, considers him his rival, but he's incapable of ever defeating him in a race.

Machpiyos also have a very strange circulatory system. Their heart pacing is so accelerated that if they were to stop moving, even if it was just an instant, they would die immediately, so they are constantly moving all the time from place to place. Sometimes it looks like a Machpiyo is sitting still, like on Gandhi's shoulder in Kichikuou Rance, but this is actually just an afterimage.


  • Travelling at three times the speed of sound means that he can reach aproximately, 1020,87 m/s of flying speed.
  • The Machpiyo is the only Insect to hold a legendary status.