Magician in GalZoo Island
Birthdate ??
Birthplace ??
Height/Weight ??cm/??kg
B/W/H (Female only) B??/W??/H??
Hair color Purple
Eye color Purple
Job class Gal Monster
Weapon(s) Magic Rod

Gal Monster Profile Edit

  • Magicians are one of the oldest existing species of Gal Monsters. They are very studious, and are typically very potent magic users. They favor Fire Magic as their choice of attacks, most capable of casting Fire Blast, and some are even capable of casting Fire Laser.
  • Many other magic-using monsters are often taught their craft by a Magician.
  • Appears in: Toushin Toshi, GalZoo Island, others

Notable variants Edit

  • The Magicians in the qualification dungeon in  Toushin Toshi  are immune to physical attacks.
  • The Magician in  GalZoo Island  has a strong sense of responsibility, with a "student council president" archetypal personality and also the only Magician that has short purple hair and wears a mini skirt, whereas other Magicians in other Alicesoft games has long golden brown hair and wears a long skirt.

Trivia Edit

See wikipedia:Magician for other references.