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Main Characters - From world of Mamatoto Edit

  • Nanus (ナナス, Nanasu) - Main Hero
  • Kakaro (カカロ) - the King
  • Irvi (アーヴィ, Aavi)
  • Myra (ミュラ, Myura)
  • Stolin (ストーリン, Sutoorin)
  • Rick (リック, Rikku)
  • Wan (ワン)

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Kokona (ココナ)
  • Eibel (エイベル, Eiberu)
  • Hero (ヒーロー, Hiiroo)

Other CharactersEdit

NOTE! These characters are summoned to assist as they are known as the "strongest" in his information.

You obtain all of the bonus characters "anytime" (even at the beginning of the game too, meaning you get additional 18 characters right away XD) after you installed/copied them to the Chr map.

(updating in progress)

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