"This is a tale of long ago...

In a certain land, there was a king who wondered if there was a way to reduce the casualties from castle sieges in war.

He conceived an idea no normal man would and perfectly executed it as no nomal man could. He mobilized his castle and moved it next to enemy castles to invade. Having already had a strong nation, he soon controlled the continent.

Hundreds of years later, that country no longer remains. What does remain is many nations continuing to fight by using these mobile fortresses. 

The era is stained with war, the color of an endless hell with none on top."


In the setting of Mamatoto, there's a huge continent divided in territories that belong to the major countries. Due to the fact that none of the nations can attack safely another one because if they are scared that a third party will take the opportunity to attack them, making the current warring era stay in a tense stalemate. 

The eastern side at north is the Monster Realm, where most of the monsters swarm and live. They are commonly seen using abandonded fortresses and living in them, or sometimes using them to attack humans. There's a zone that south to the monster realm that doesn't belong to any country and is considered neutral ground.

The major nations are:

There are some smaller nations like Zazam and Mamatoto, but most of them were wiped out or they annexed to one of the bigger countries. 

Monster CardsEdit

The Monster Cards are special magical cards left behind by monsters when defeated. They carry high magical power and information about the world's most famous and legendary entities. They are usually meant to be nothing but a source of information, just like books are, but some people have given them other uses as well due to the inherent magical potential they possess. The Prince Nanas from Mamatoto managed to invent the Kids system with them, and uses these cards to create the Magical Crafted Troops, the Kids, disposable soldiers used for combat purposes and mass-produced with monster cards.

There are two types of Monster Cards, the regular cards most commonly found that only hold minor information about certain bits of the world, and the Elemental Cards. These are more rare, and tend to describe Legendary figures or entities of the World's history. There's a total of 8 types of Elemental Cards, Light, Darkness, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning and Non-Element, and each type has six cards to represent a legendary figure, all of which are outstanding people, tremendously powerful monsters, or even godlike creatures.

Elemental CardsEdit

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