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Mani Profile (Toushin Toshi)Edit

Mani is the partner of Dogi during the 27th Toushin Tournament. She likes men who are strong. After Dogi lost to Custom in the first round, Mani supposedly returned to her hometown.

Mani Forte Profile (Toushin Toshi 3)Edit

Mani profile

Mani's profile from AliceSoft's Toushin Toshi 3 site

Mani has a complete overhaul in Toushin Toshi 3 and about the only thing that remains is her name (with the addition of a family name) and the fact that she's the partner of Dogi.

Now, Mani is the daughter of a merchant family who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. She was bought by Dogi and suffers numerous sexual abuses at his hand. This provides Nacht with the motivation to defeat Dogi in the tournament, as Mani would be separated from Dogi due to the 3 years forced labour law, freeing her from her sorry state.

Much later in the game, Nacht meets Mani who is working at the Toushin District as a maid as part of her forced labour. However, despite Nacht's best intentions, she had not truly escaped her fate and continues to be abused sexually, a fact which he laments about. </span>

She does not appear in the plot after that and it is unknown what happens to her, but it could be implied that after the villains are defeated that she is free to leave and truly be free.

Appearances Edit

Toushin Toshi Edit

Partner of Dogi in the tournament.

Toushin Toshi 3 Edit

Partner of Dogi Magi in the tournament.